Therapy through mobile app and website- Talkspace

Talkspace Meet our client is a therapy session which therapists who are considered to be as unique as their clients meet them to solve their issues. Talkspace have professionals who provide intimate sessions and help to their customers. The therapists take their duties seriously to make sure their clients are comfortable. Recently some of the therapists who work for Talkspace were interviewed one of them being Alicia Winkle. Ms. Alicia Winkle has more than two years of experience serving at Talkspace. She comes from Alabama. Alicia is a licensed counselor who has been serving as a therapist for over 5 years now. When Ms. Winkle was asked why she chose to work as a therapist, she said since she was young she has always wanted to work in a field where she was would extend a helping a hand to others.

During the interview, Alicia Winkle said that being a counselor was one of her best decisions in life. When she joined college she was studying nursing but due to anxiety issues, she had to drop the course and reconsider studying counseling. Alicia graduated from the University of North Alabama where she earned her Master’s in Community Counseling. Asked how he began working for Talkspace, she said that she was given the link by her boss and being passionate about people she gave a try. She is grateful that through Talkspace she has been able to help people regain their mental health.

Talkspace can well be described as an online therapy organization with its Headquarters in New York City. The firm which has the responsibility of providing therapy and counseling services through mobile app was founded in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank. Talkspace has access to licensed therapist through mobile app or website using Android and iOS. Talkspace is a unique organization which has been providing psychological support to clients in the comfort of their homes. Ever since their foundation the firm has grown and over 500000 customers.