NewsWatch TV and The Review – Your Best Source of The Latest Trends

NewsWatch is a 30 minutes TV series which airs on AMC and ION network. Bridge Communication is the principal owner of NewsWatch. It broadcasts morning hours at 7 am on Monday on AMC and covers a range of subjects such as health and medical, technology, fashion, new products, travel and tourism, business among many other issues. It enables companies to promote and market their products after an editorial approval from the NewsWatch team. Since its inception, it has aired many shows and featured a variety of companies and celebrities.

Today NewsWatch has become a favorite show among many top celebrities who have appeared on the show many times to discuss latest issues and some things they support. In the United States, people can enjoy the entertainment of NewsWatch throughout the country reaching millions of households. With such an amazing accumulation of fans and avid followers, NewsWatch has become one of the most successful produced news magazines on television.

From 2011, news watch started to focus specifically on new consumer technologies. Since then the production has established great working relationships with companies to produce product reviews aired on the NewsWatch TV show. It also began to feature AppWatch which focuses on reviewing new and upcoming mobile apps for Windows, IOS, and Android devices.

Smartphone Campaign Review.

NewsWatch also promotes new smartphone manufacturers such as Saygus. Saygus, an American smartphone manufacturer hired NewsWatch TV to produce reviews of their new smartphone on national television and even through online campaigns. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Saygus took advantage of the market popularity and penetration of NewsWatch for their promotion. The marketing campaign from this saw Saygus exceed their goals and raise over thousands of dollars from their initial target. The vice president of Saygus commented on NewsWatch and said that the video was professional and best to deliver the right message and the proper coverage. According to the vice president, it was a successful advertising campaign that produced the correct message to the target market – something that you’d like to own the next day.

Bob Reina Talks the Path to Success for Entrepreneurs

If you were to sit down across from Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reina you would no doubt be able to get some real insight on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 as an answer to what he saw as a burgeoning video marketing industry that absolutely needed someone to fill that need. As a result, Talk Fusion hit the market at the right time and now a decade later they are still going strong. Let’s leap into a conversation with Bob Reina and learn a little bit more about what drove the company and made them so successful. Learn more:


To start with, Bob Reina knew that if he was going to succeed with Talk Fusion he had to jump into the business and come out running. This meant that as he was developing the initial Talk Fusion offering, Video Email, he was already networking and creating connections with potential clients all around the internet. So, by the time Talk Fusion was ready to officially open their doors he already had a foundation of excitement laid out and ready to help sell his product. The second half of his story for success was that he created a product that was ready out of the gate and offered a real solution to real problems that people were having. Video marketing and communication solutions is a rapidly growing industry that is just about changing the game for companies everywhere. Learn more:


To continue, the reason Bob Reina feels so personally successful is that he believes in the product that he is working with. When you jump into marketing people are going to super intuitive on how you feel about your product. If you don’t buy into it, it just won’t succeed. Reina personally believed from the get go that Talk fusion was the answer and it has shown itself time and time again. Reina has spread this faith down to all of his hard working Talk Fusion Associates as well. That is why the company won some serious industry awards in 2016 and why the look poised for a big 2017, as well. Learn more: