Clay Siegall: A Corporate Leader Dedicated to Information Dissemination

One of the striking qualities of successful leaders is their ability to share information not only with the employees but also with the rest of the world. It is an enduring quality that has set Clay Siegall apart. Often, he spares time from his busy schedule to share vital information with the masses through blogging. Commenting on the devastating and costly effects of Hurricane Harvey, other hurricanes before it and the heat waves, Dr. Siegall believes that the solution and reality of climate change and its effects do not lie within clever arguments and cable news zingers. This is because they distract us from acknowledging that humans have a hand in the never-seen before human suffering associated with such disasters.

Towards Helping Cancer Communities

Clay Siegall’s has spearheaded great achievements in the fight against cancer. For many decades, cancer communities including physicians have struggled with finding effective cancer therapies. Towards this end, Dr. Siegall has used his position at the helm of Seattle Genetics to develop targeted cancer therapies such as AdCetris. The company also has several such drugs within its pipeline. Much of these successes have come as a result of a research-based culture that Dr. Siegall has vigorously promoted at the company. Towards this end, he has helped raised close to two billion dollars in scientific research capital while also guiding the company towards strategic partnerships with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world including Bayer.

Academic Endeavors: Lifelong Dedication to Cancer Research

Dr. Clay Siegall has dedicated the whole of his professional career and academic endeavors to finding an effective cure to cancer. It is a passion he began pursuing while studying for his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland. He furthered his zoological studies with a PhD in Genetics at the George Washington University. Throughout his long career, which has seen him work as a research scientist and corporate leader for several pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Siegall has published several scientific papers on while patenting dozens of inventions that he either invented or co-invented. The co-founding of Seattle Genetics in 1998 is the crowning glory in a long career marked by several milestones. As it is through the company where he currently serves as the chairman, chief executive officer and president where he is poised even to make greater impact in the cancer community.