Getting Fit With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is an individual that believes in taking steps to make you feel and look your healthiest. The American Idol host is a fitness fanatic and likes to work out on a regular basis. He also prefers to snack on healthy foods. However, the 38 year old pop icon is hiding a very dark and deep secret. He was once, a very chubby kid that liked to sneak snacks and pig out on all the wrong foods. The Dunwoody, Georgia native struggled with his weight for years. Fortunately, Seacrest has won the battle of the bulge and shares his fitness secrets with fans.

Getting Fit

Perhaps, losing the weight helped to build the self confident individual that we see today that is the co-host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. Clearly, he is a very successful individual today and it’s due to his winning his battle with the bulge and getting fit. In fact, Ryan Seacrest likes to exercise at every opportunity that is available to him. This might be a few minutes working out during a commercial break on his TV show or even working out with a trainer for an hour performing core exercises, sprinting, or a full circuit workout. Ryan Seacrest admits that he is addicted to food and working out is important to keep the pounds off and stay in shape.

About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is a very talented individual that has scored major success in the entertainment world. He’s hosted several television shows and worked on radio too. Today, Ryan Seacrest keeps very busy as the co-host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show that is telecast five times a week. Certainly, Seacrest keeps very busy with this popular show. However, Seacrest has another very popular gig. He is the host of the On Air with Ryan Seacrest show, which is a nationally syndicated show. Here is something else that is worth noting. Seacrest is also an entrepreneur, establishing several business projects. In addition, Seacrest believes in giving back to the community. He has established multiple philanthropic projects that specialize in assisting kids in various communities.

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Perry Mandera, Founder of Custom Companies, Inc. Launches The Customer First Program

Custom Companies, Inc was founded by Perry Mandera who is an expert in all things related to the transport industry, and he has more than three decades of overall experience in this sector. Based out of Northlake, Illinois, Perry Mandera has been leading his company since 1986, using only the best technological advances available in the transport sector.

Efficient transportation solutions and high standards of delivery are two of the goals that Perry Mandera had in mind when he established Custom Companies, Inc. He adheres diligently to the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Plan which requires all the participating companies to get focused on reducing pollutants that are most often associated with emission fumes while providing freight transport services. Learn more at Slide Share about Perry Mandera.

In 2016, Perry Mandera rejoiced being a part of the business for three decades by starting the Customer First Program. This added perk offered to vendors and clients is based on the concept of building and maintaining healthy partnerships with vendors for long durations of time. The initiative led by Perry Mandera is designed to ensure that clients who use the services of Custom Companies, Inc are attended to on a priority basis with dedicated teams at a specialized customer service center equipped to handle queries and concerns regarding their shipments.

Due to the client-centric plan started by Perry Mandera, real-time monitoring of various parameters of performance is now an actual possibility. The data gathered is computed into operations using high-tech methods that offer clients improved efficiency along with affordable solutions. The goal of this initiative is to facilitate the process of delivering shipments before time and with extreme care. This team in charge of this customer-centric program can give precise information with real-time tracking tools, offer quotations for rates of shipments within the blink of an eye and can schedule all types and sizes of pick-ups remotely.


With the help of the Customer First Scheme, Perry Mandera has proven once again that he is a leading specialist in the transport sector and is dedicated to offering exemplary service to all customers, irrespective of the size and type of shipments chosen by clients. Through this customer-centric scheme, he has also shown that companies can indeed acquire repeated consignments from multiple clients that will soon enough result in the company’s long-term growth and success. Read more at about Perry Mandera.

Barbara Stokes, the CEO behind Modular Homes

Barbara Stokes has been the chief executive officer at Green Structure Homes, LLC for six years. The Alabama based company is known for its strategic and unique techniques in property management and disaster relief constructing contracting. The main goal behind the establishment of GSH according to Barbara is to revolutionize the industry hence making a difference in the society. The organization is popular throughout North America for not only designing and building but also an on-site construction of both residential and commercial structures. The six-year period that Barbara has ably directed GSH, individuals and institutions across the continent have posted positive testimonials on their engagement with Green Structure Housing concerning in-house project management. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes is a graduate with a BSE degree in medical engineering. After graduating in 2000, she was engaged in various positions while building her leadership and management skills in the industry. Later in 2008, Barbara in collaboration with Scott Stokes that currently serves as Chief Operations Officer founded Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Recently the board of directors headed by Barbara announced employment opportunities in eight of their state offices in support of FEMA’s contract.


Since 2011 when Barbara Stokes took office as the CEO at GSH, she has managed to expand the disaster relief construction contractor in eight different states, these include; Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Minnesota. North America has previously been adversely affected by hurricanes and tsunamis, thus the focus of GSH on designing and building safe homes for families in the region. Barbara Stokes is driven by community’s needs and support for local businesses and social activities thus the move by GSH to invest in the eight states.

According to the passionate CEO on community support, she believes the company’s investment will gradually translate to indirect job growth within the respective eight states as well as surrounding areas hence universal growth and development both socially and economically.

Barbara heads a team of competent and experienced professionals in design and engineering that offer best solutions both the private and government investors as the company’s clients. GSH engages both the local and national government depending on urgency and resources in question on engineering and manufacturing techniques. Disaster relief through construction contracts based on recent and high standard designs in engineering and manufacturing presents Green Structure Homes LLC not only as the best in Alabama but also in the whole of North America and across the world. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Mike Baur Career in the Swiss banking sector.

There is a huge number of startups in the country. These startups are supporting the economy in a big way. They are creating employment opportunities as well as coming up with sustainable solutions to the needs of the society. Startups do not behave like to corporations we know. Startups are close to the end user and are more concerned with developing tailor-made solutions to the problems in the society. Startups are not interested in developing what is already established in the market. Their plan is to create solutions that will disrupt the market by offering alternative solutions from those offered by the big corporations.


Mike Baur is one of the best entrepreneurs and business people in Switzerland who have made a big impact in the country’s economy. His initiative is making the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs better. His life has been inspiring and very impressive. Mike Baur was born in Freiburg Switzerland. He attended Bern University and the University of Rochester for his business degrees. From Bern University he graduated with masters in business administration and from the University of Rochester, he graduated with a degree in executive business administration. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mike Baur started a career in banking while he was just 16 years old. He joined the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. This was quite special to him; to a start career in such a huge bank. It is something that does not happen to many people. There was something special about him it all lied in his ability to be innovative and having good understanding of the banking industry requirements.


Mike Baur showed great skills and was offered a lifelong contract to work for the bank. He was to undergo a series of promotions in the bank as time progressed. His career in the banking industry would be long and would him see develop a huge experience in the banking industry. He was given a clear guideline on the promotions that he could benefit from all through. However, the long-term plan would not work as expected or as planned. He did not finish his career at Union Bank of Switzerland. His career took him to various banks and finally into his own company.


Mike Baur started working at UBS in 1991. He continued to works throughout the 1990s. While working for the UBS he was promoted to the position of a financial advisor before he attained the age of 30. As a business advisor, he was responsible for advising the wealthy in the society. Some of his clients were the wealthiest people in the country. Mike Baur recorded so much success with the bank. However, after spending close to two decades in the bank, he quit UBS in 2008. After leaving UBS, he got another job from Clariden Leu bank in Zurich. At Clariden Leu, he held an influential executive position at the bank’s Zurich offices. As an executive, he was enjoying huge compensation benefits but this did not prevent him from leaving the banking sector in 2014. After the economic recession in 2008, the banking sector became less appealing and he was no longer interested in working in the banking sector.

Amicus Therapeutics: No Disease is Too Small

Rare diseases are sadly put on the sideline by most pharmaceutical companies due to the small number of people requiring treatment. Amicus Therapeutics sees an opportunity here and has decided to make a difference. Amicus Therapeutics was founded February 4th, 2002 in Cranbury, New Jersey and headed by John Crowley (CEO), Bradley Campbell (COO), and William Baird (CFO). Amicus Therapeutics focuses on rare diseases, sometimes called orphan diseases. Read the company profile at Crunchbase.

Orphan diseases are any disease that affects a very small number of people. Since Orphan diseases lack a reasonable market value due to low demand, it is difficult for companies to invest resources into research with the aim of discovering treatments or cures. Amicus Therapeutics biggest development is Migalastat, also known as Galafold. Migalastat is a drug used in the long-term treatment of Fabry disease.


Amicus Therapeutics has seen a substantial rise in stock value over the 2017 fiscal year. Their innovative approach to research and development has put them ahead of the competition. Amicus Therapeutics has a strong sense of commitment and compassion for the people who are relying on their research and development. They know that rare diseases are looked over all the time, and are trying to put an end to the isolation and capitulation that people with these diseases feel every day. Amicus Therapeutics has a plethora of positive reviews from consumers and companies alike. Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, seeking research for an orphan disease or making a contribution to a great cause, Amicus Therapeutics is the biopharmaceutical company to look at. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at

Sentient AI For E-commerce Personalization

The new Artificial Intelligence is literally on every corner of the globe. Haven’t you heard about it? Well, it is time you learn about it. AI is mainly related to science fiction and robotics. However, it goes beyond and almost everything utilizing the recent technology makes use of AI, for instance, security checks at the airport, cash registers, among other sensitive areas. E-commerce has not lagged behind in adoption of this new technology. The utilization of online platforms for various business purposes is gaining popularity. However, some companies have opted to take their platform a notch higher by incorporating AI into their operations.


How does my business gain a competitive edge over other competitors already using e-commerce? One clear way of achieving success in business is to have the upper hand over your rivals. This is made possible by making use of AI. Many businesses are setting themselves apart by employing a different approach that provides a personal touch of in-store shopping and improved accessibility of online portals.


Artificial Intelligence offers e-commerce personalization experiences. It highly enables sites with e-commerce to deliver commodities that uniquely suit the needs of prospective buyers. Also, it allows shoppers to search for products while using images or conversational language just like in a face to face transaction. Besides, consumers can also make tailored recommendations on the commodities they require. In turn, the technology has simplified the customer experience since consumers can interact more by using mobile applications and websites.


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for e-commerce personalization adds value to retailers. Studies conducted by Boston Consulting Group show that retailers who have embraced and implemented these strategies have witnessed sales gains that fall between 6% and 10%, a rate that is thrice that of other retailers. Moreover, adopting AI could result in an increase in profit for both the retail and wholesale sector.


Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce has been used to address challenges previously faced by many businesses. It provides for modern flexible data storage and eliminates organizational barriers that hinder e-commerce. This way, business runs effectively and efficiently without hitches. Besides, Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce helps in retargeting prospective customers. Marketing conducted by sales staff is not always effective, and this makes potential buyers are lost along the way. Fortunately, making use of AI ensures that these cracks are adequately covered to enhance your business’ sales cycle.


AI aims at developing and improving business operations. Therefore, it is prudent to adopt the technology for your e-commerce because it brings a complete overhaul of the sales process. More importantly, it enables you to respond to consumer impulses that are vital in satisfying their unique needs.

George Soros – An Amazing Man who Has Lived an Amazing Life

George Soros is a financial wizard, and has made his mark on the world. Soros has an interesting take on life, society, and history. Having escaped the cruelty of the Nazis in his lifetime gives him a unique perspective. He sees oppression springing from the need to push the philosophy of ultimate truth.

Since so-called ultimate truth is beyond mankind’s reach, societies can only push these ideologies by resorting to oppression. People have different views, and in an open society, it is the role of certain institutions to work to help people to live together in peace.

He also believes he has an answer to why no one has access to the ultimate truth. The reason being is that our own perceptions form our individual realities. They also affect the events that we all choose to participate in. Thus, no two people will come to terms with an absolute definition of truth. Their truth is always subject to change. Learn more about his profile at

In an article by Politico in 2016, Politico describes the emergence of Soros as an advocate for Democratic Party principles. As a result, he has donated millions to nonprofits and organizations like the American Bridge 21st Century, and to a host of Democratic Party committees. He has also donated to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters, which hopes to increase voter turnout among Latinos.

Today, Soros believes that democracy is in a crisis. His belief is that the world’s greatest democracy, the United States, elected an administration that may affect the nation’s ability to positively influence democracy initiatives around the world. The weakening of the country will result from a philosophy that wants to make deals rather than defend principles.

George Soros heads up Soros Fund Management. His firm invests in fixed income and public equity markets across the world. He also looks to invest in start-ups and build-ups. Soros Fund Management is based in New York, New York. Not many people could survive what Soros has lived through. His philanthropic and business activities are the result of having lived through one of the most horrific periods in the history of the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Brian Bonar Makes Huge Strides in Business

The financial world can be a difficult and trying business to conquer, but finance professional Brian Bonar makes it look easy. Bonar’s list of leadership positions in companies is seemingly endless. He is the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, as well as the chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He also serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of digital imaging hardware, and as the chairman and CEO of Trucept, a professional employer organization company. With such an array of top positions, Brian Bonar has made a prominent name for himself in the world of finance.

With over 30 years of professional management experience, Brian Bonar is known for being an indispensable asset on projects and establishing great client relationships. The Cambridge Who’s Who named Bonar the Executive of the Year, a prestigious title awarded to only four people each year. The Cambridge honorees are chosen based on their leadership abilities, accomplishments and academic achievements. Bonar’s history has clearly shown him to be a worthy honoree. Prior to his current leadership positions, he spent 18 years working as a procurement manager with IBM in America, Asia and Europe. He spent 20 years in high growth companies that included both public and private sectors in the USA and UK, including a position as Director of Engineering with QMS where he managed over 100 people. From 2007 to 2009, he founded AMS Outsourcing, a professional employer organization that expanded to the Czech Republic and Mexico. Eventually he started his own company, Bezier Systems. Bezier systems would go on to become the first company to create an SCSI based printer. After this, Allegiant Professional Business Services hired him to serve as their president and to help improve sales and marketing.

Brian Bonar’s portfolio is so wide-ranging in areas of experience, it is hard to pin him down to one area of expertise. He has worked in retail commercial, innovative sales and marketing strategy, aviation, multi-family housing and education projects among many others. With Dalrada Financial Corporation, he oversees employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products. Aside from his various professional interests, Bonar also has a long list of hobbies he partakes in during his free time. He is an avid golfer, goes on frequent boating trips and loves to spend time with his family.There are few leaders in the world of finance who have a history has extensive and successful as Brian Bonar. With his endless portfolio of business achievements, it is clear why he is one of the leading entrepreneurs in America.

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Adam Milstein is a Forward Thinker

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, a philanthropist and a leader in his community. He is a native of Israel, and he took part in the Yom Kippur War as a member of the IDF. He has earned his MBA from USC in America and had a career in Southern California in commercial real estate. He is currently a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties which is a commercial real estate investment company.


The idea for Hagar Pacific came from his experience after he received his MBA where the job offers he was receiving were less that stellar, so he decided to venture out on his own in the Commercial Real Estate space.


He works a lot on his own because other people cannot see or understand his vision. He feels that in a lot of new ventures, you cannot rely on other people, so you have to do things for yourself. His overall methods are very straightforward and simple. To bring things to fruition, he pushes forward until they become a reality. Following up on everything on a daily basis is very important so that things don’t get lost in the shuffle.


When asked what he would do over and over as an entrepreneur, he stated that he always tries to understand the full issue himself, as he cannot rely on other people’s skills or opinions. He is adamant about being a part of the solution. He fully contemplates the problem and comes up with solutions.


Adam Milstein has also been asked what, if any failures he has experienced, has caused him to reconsider the methods involved he said that in real estate it takes a long time to succeed. When he was in school he was selling art to Israeli temples, and he bought a large amount of stock, hoping to make money very fast, but it didn’t work out that way. His lesson is that you must have patience and guide your business knowing it will take some time to be successful.


The one business idea that he feels is valuable to all people in business is to always follow up with every contact, as you miss 100% of all the shots that you fail to take.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of the most respected business entities in the United States. For all his many years of professional experience, he has developed more than 50 companies. For all those companies, he started hen from scratch and sold them at the level of multi-lateral corporations. This is the reason why his business capability is recognized in the country. As a matter of fact, Josh Verne is the Founder and President of This is a multi-lateral company that has a presence of more than 10 million people. For this reason, it acts as a marketing platform for companies and brands in the United States.


According to Josh Verne, vision is the art of seeing what other people cannot see. For this reason, people end up looking for what they want to make the business a better place for all to see. As a matter of fact, we are here to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For a young person to succeed in life and business, he must be a man of vision. For this reason, better business is what you must struggle to develop as you grow towards achieving your business goals. As a matter of fact, people end up losing all they had to acquire the better business. For this reason, Josh Verne has worked to determine the core value of an entrepreneur and business person. For you to see what other people are not seeing, you must be wise. Wisdom is the key to success.