Malcolm CasSelle’s Monumental Advancement

OPSkins New Segment: WAX

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a marketplace for the trading of assets. WAX’s platform is virtual. It allows buyers and sellers to trade assets efficiently. OPSkins is the company that created WAX’s blockchain platform. Fragmentation, as well as fraud, are some of the main concerns with virtual asset trading. WAX allows users to buy and sell virtual goods without exiting their game. This advancement from OPSkins is believed to fuse the world of cryptocurrency with mainstream media.

Malcolm CasSelle’s Accomplishments

Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins, is an accomplished entrepreneur. He serves as President of WAX. Prior to his current position, CasSelle served as CTO for Tronic, Inc. CasSelle was a part of SeaChange International in 2015, where he served as CEO. CasSelle also initiated startups with companies like MediaPass, Xfire and Groupon’s partnership with Tencent in China.

Malcolm CasSelle has invested in successful ventures such as Facebook, Zynga, as well Bitcoin-based companies. CasSelle earned a bachelor’s degree from MIT in computer science. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, CasSelle earned a master’s degree from Stanford University. Japanese and Mandarin are two of the languages he is fluent in.

Back in 1995, Malcom co-founded NetNoir. NetNoir is one of the first websites based around Afrocentric culture. NetNoir became the first company to be welcomed into the AOL Greenhouse Program. During 1998 to 2002, he fulfilled the position of VP for PCCW in Hong Kong. During Groupon’s partnership with Tencent, CasSelle served as a top executive for the deal.

Malcom CasSelle grew up in Pennsylvania, though he has traveled the world for his career. With his extensive language skills, he has truly become a global mogul.

CasSelle is an inspiration for anyone looking to create monumental advancements. He believes that the future of Bitcon and cryptocurrency will be intertwined with the gaming world. CasSelle is sure to be at the forefront of that initiative.

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Mike Baur Career in the Swiss banking sector.

There is a huge number of startups in the country. These startups are supporting the economy in a big way. They are creating employment opportunities as well as coming up with sustainable solutions to the needs of the society. Startups do not behave like to corporations we know. Startups are close to the end user and are more concerned with developing tailor-made solutions to the problems in the society. Startups are not interested in developing what is already established in the market. Their plan is to create solutions that will disrupt the market by offering alternative solutions from those offered by the big corporations.


Mike Baur is one of the best entrepreneurs and business people in Switzerland who have made a big impact in the country’s economy. His initiative is making the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs better. His life has been inspiring and very impressive. Mike Baur was born in Freiburg Switzerland. He attended Bern University and the University of Rochester for his business degrees. From Bern University he graduated with masters in business administration and from the University of Rochester, he graduated with a degree in executive business administration. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mike Baur started a career in banking while he was just 16 years old. He joined the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. This was quite special to him; to a start career in such a huge bank. It is something that does not happen to many people. There was something special about him it all lied in his ability to be innovative and having good understanding of the banking industry requirements.


Mike Baur showed great skills and was offered a lifelong contract to work for the bank. He was to undergo a series of promotions in the bank as time progressed. His career in the banking industry would be long and would him see develop a huge experience in the banking industry. He was given a clear guideline on the promotions that he could benefit from all through. However, the long-term plan would not work as expected or as planned. He did not finish his career at Union Bank of Switzerland. His career took him to various banks and finally into his own company.


Mike Baur started working at UBS in 1991. He continued to works throughout the 1990s. While working for the UBS he was promoted to the position of a financial advisor before he attained the age of 30. As a business advisor, he was responsible for advising the wealthy in the society. Some of his clients were the wealthiest people in the country. Mike Baur recorded so much success with the bank. However, after spending close to two decades in the bank, he quit UBS in 2008. After leaving UBS, he got another job from Clariden Leu bank in Zurich. At Clariden Leu, he held an influential executive position at the bank’s Zurich offices. As an executive, he was enjoying huge compensation benefits but this did not prevent him from leaving the banking sector in 2014. After the economic recession in 2008, the banking sector became less appealing and he was no longer interested in working in the banking sector.

Brian Bonar Makes Huge Strides in Business

The financial world can be a difficult and trying business to conquer, but finance professional Brian Bonar makes it look easy. Bonar’s list of leadership positions in companies is seemingly endless. He is the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, as well as the chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He also serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of digital imaging hardware, and as the chairman and CEO of Trucept, a professional employer organization company. With such an array of top positions, Brian Bonar has made a prominent name for himself in the world of finance.

With over 30 years of professional management experience, Brian Bonar is known for being an indispensable asset on projects and establishing great client relationships. The Cambridge Who’s Who named Bonar the Executive of the Year, a prestigious title awarded to only four people each year. The Cambridge honorees are chosen based on their leadership abilities, accomplishments and academic achievements. Bonar’s history has clearly shown him to be a worthy honoree. Prior to his current leadership positions, he spent 18 years working as a procurement manager with IBM in America, Asia and Europe. He spent 20 years in high growth companies that included both public and private sectors in the USA and UK, including a position as Director of Engineering with QMS where he managed over 100 people. From 2007 to 2009, he founded AMS Outsourcing, a professional employer organization that expanded to the Czech Republic and Mexico. Eventually he started his own company, Bezier Systems. Bezier systems would go on to become the first company to create an SCSI based printer. After this, Allegiant Professional Business Services hired him to serve as their president and to help improve sales and marketing.

Brian Bonar’s portfolio is so wide-ranging in areas of experience, it is hard to pin him down to one area of expertise. He has worked in retail commercial, innovative sales and marketing strategy, aviation, multi-family housing and education projects among many others. With Dalrada Financial Corporation, he oversees employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products. Aside from his various professional interests, Bonar also has a long list of hobbies he partakes in during his free time. He is an avid golfer, goes on frequent boating trips and loves to spend time with his family.There are few leaders in the world of finance who have a history has extensive and successful as Brian Bonar. With his endless portfolio of business achievements, it is clear why he is one of the leading entrepreneurs in America.

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Brad Reifler Has Great Business Vision

In the business world, there are many outstanding business leaders. From supervisors to CEOs, leadership is defined in the same manner. Being able to lead a group of people requires a combination of skills and talents that is hard for one person to have in the required levels.

Many people who lead do not have the talent and skills necessary to lead effectively. They are in a leadership position because of various reasons that do not actually involve being an effective leader.

While this is not the best way to select leaders, many leaders are chosen in this manner. The idea of actually being an effective leader is not the primary area of concern.

This is why many people do not succeed in a management role. In business, many people think that if a professional can do a job then they can provide management over that area, this is rarely the case. Performing a job well and managing people are totally different talents and skills. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Being able to perform a job well is important. Also, being able to understand how a particular job functions is important. However, this must be combined with other aspects that allow people to become effective managers and executives.

No two people manage with the same style because all people are different. Successful managers and executives are able to take the talent and skills that they have and use their abilities in the best way that works for them.

There are numerous companies that pick all management staff in the same manner. From entry level managers to the top executives in a company, the ability to lead is often overlooked as a key in being an effective leader.

A business professional who has demonstrated a great understanding of leading people and managing a company is Brad Reifler. The CEO of a top investment firm, Brad Reifler has successfully guided companies.

According to Barrons, Brad Reifler has many talents and skills that allow him to be an excellence CEO. He has tremendous communication skills, and he is able to see business performance from an analytical viewpoint that is rare. Brad Reifler is a respected executive in the investment field.

He is a great leader, but Brad Reifler is also a great investment performer. He understands how the investment world works from the inside out that helps him in a variety of ways regarding the management of the investment firm that he oversees.