Unmasking the Amazing Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel native that is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and the Adam Gila Milstein Family Foundation is also founded by him. He is the managing partner who deals with all operations of Hager Pacific Properties and an author at the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). He is the chair of the board at the Israeli-American Council. In 1978, Adam graduated from the Technion with a degree in Business and Economics after serving during the Yom Kippur war in the IDF. He moved in search of greener pastures to the United States in 1981 where he got his MBA in Business from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein is a strong leader and a devoted humanitarian especially towards the Jewish community and more so the nation of Israel. He and his wife founded his organization in 2000, and it has helped many people since its formation. In his way of improving the Jews, Adam Milstein writes his thoughts and opinions on Jewish News Syndicate giving suggestions and recommendations of what should be done in certain situations. In his recent post, Adam Milstein talked of anti-Semitism has been growing radically especially with the increase in the number of radical how Muslims. He condemned North America and Europe for turning a blind eye on the unrealistic ideologies just because they have a universal hatred for the influence the western side has globally especially freedom of speech. Adam Milstein has accused the west of being self-interested for labeling Israel the cause of problems in the Middle East and oppressors of the Muslims yet they were the ones who caused havoc by oppressing women, bombing now and then among other injustices. He even quoted events and incidences where anti-Semitism was promoted yet nothing was done concerning it, but instead it was supported.

Adam Milstein continued to say that radical Muslims have only one goal in mind and that is to delegitimize the home of the Jewish people. The Radical Muslims are seeking to align themselves with the left so that they can destroy the western values which are the foundation values of Israel and America thus destroying any form of democracy Israel has.


The Brazilian Rally Champion-Michel Terpin

Michel’s Sporting Legacy

When it comes to rally, sporting, Michel Terpins is nothing short of the best. Rally sporting runs in his family, as the brother, Rodrigo Terpins aged 44, is also a sporting enthusiast, who has successfully completed four Sertoes rallies. This legacy has pushed Michel a high-achieving driver, to participate and complete several races that have created a name for him in the rally sporting. In the quest to maintain the family legacy, over the years, Michel Terpins has been active in big rallies like the Sertoes Rally, Brazilian Cross Country, and the Mitsubishi Cup rallies. This is an indication that you are likely to see him in any rallying race held across Brazil.

Successful Rallies

Over the years, the 40-year-old, Brazilian driver (Michel Terpins) has won numerous awards and good classifications. One of them is the Brazilian Cross Country, Prototype T1 Category, and the 22nd and 24th Sertos Rally Championship.In this rally, together with his co-driver, Justo, won the second stage and ranked 5th, and closed on 6th at the just concluded Prototypes edition. This race took them across 2 states covering 2,600 km, and seven different courses that led to them finishing 3rdout of 38 competitors. The success of Michel’s rallies is made possible through practice, using his T-Rex, which maneuvers, hard terrains, and is specifically designed for him, by the MEM Motorsports.

The Terpin’s Team

With the mutual enthusiasm for off-road rallying, Michel and his brother Rodrigo, have a team called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team has participated severally in rally events across Brazil, among them the Sertoes Rally, which is the largest off-road rally. In solidarity with the society that hosted this rally, Michel hosted a dinner that raised funds that bought drugs and water, as part of their team’s social responsibility