Lori Senecal: Global CEO of Crispin, Porter + Bogusly

Lori Senecal has had a plethora of experience and success in a variety of leadership positions. Originally a native of Canada, her lifetime dream was to be an up and coming leader of a prominent United States company. She has fulfilled her dream, many times over, and continues to be a trailblazer in the advertising industry, She was the president of McCann New York, the Chief Operating Officer of KBS, the Chief Operating Officer of MDC Partners Network, the global chief executive officer at Crispin, Porter + Bogusly.

According to Ad Week news, Lori is set to retire at the end of this year and leaves a legacy along with an impressive track record at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. along with the chairman Chuck Porter, Lori has built a management and communication structure that will develop the leadership skills of team members seeking management roles. She is already training a number of talented individuals in the roles of president, managing director, and regional leaders.

Lori Senecal is a pioneer and an innovator in her industry. She has always been at the forefront

of invention. Her philosophy is to create a culture within her agency that is focused on creating breakthroughs. She strives to develop a competitive edge for the companies and the brands she represents. She also believes in developing a strong team. She has launched numerous groundbreaking incentive initiatives within her agency to inspire and to fuel her team member’s sense of creativity and inventiveness. As a result of her leadership, her agency has worked with clients such as American Airlines, Infiniti, Hershey and Pay Pal, reports salary.com. Filling her shoes at the end of this year will not be an easy task.

She has made a positive and enduring impact on her employees and on her clients that will not soon be forgotten. Check out Lori Senecal’s bio on crunchbase.com.


Jose Borghi’s Influence in Brazilian Advertising Industry is Unmatched

Brazilian advertising industry is one of the most hyped in the world. The industry is characterized by highly powered technology used to attract viewers’ attention at any cost. Many people have invested in this industry on adforum.com. This means that severe competition for the market is a common phenomenon here. It takes more than technology to make it in this industry. It requires an innovative mindset, smartness and hard work.

He is the founder and president of Mullen Lowe, an advertising company located in Sau Paulo. Jose has transformed Mullen Lowe into one of the most influential advertising companies in Brazil. The company prides itself in creating some of the most popular advertisements gracing the Brazilian TV screens. The company is behind the creation of “Mammals Parmalat,” an advertisement where children dressed in animal attires sing amazing jingles on noticias.terra.com.br. Marathon Runners is also an amazing piece of work from this ad agency. Other advertising campaigns created by the company include Delta Airlines, Flat, Editora, Procter and Asia Motors brands.

Jose Borghi is a proud owner of several awards due to his outstanding creations. He has bagged the Epica Award, which is given to individuals who have created unique and mind-blowing advertisements using different angles of design. Jose has been awarded in every key Brazilian ad agency network. He has 20 Cannes, 11 One Show and 15 New York Festival awards. In 2014, he emerged the top of the list of candidates considered for the Advertising Professional of the Year award.

Jose Bhorgi started his advertising career at a young age. While at his third year in high school, his sister gave him an opportunity to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater. Jose was impressed by the whole cinema. He immediately developed an interest in image editing and production. In 1988, he was appointed an advertising champion at Standard Ogilvy. He used his time at the company to hone his skills and experience in advertising. He also worked for FCB and Leo Burnett.

In his days as a young man, Jose Borghi could not have imagined that one day he will get several awards, leave alone being the CEO of one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. He is a man on a pedestal. He is a source of envy among his peers and a role model to young people who are yet to find their feet in advertising.

Nizan Guanes – A Role Model For The Advertising Industry

The Future of Advertising

Since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, advertising and marketing has played an important role in the success of global enterprise. Due to the increased business competition and globalization of the world market, it is difficult to survive in the corporate world with just the word of mouth. According to recent estimates, consumers spent nearly $592.43 billion on advertising costs, in 2015.

With the advent of the Internet, advertising and marketing are become even more saturated. For instance, television advertising account for almost 37% of the total market share as indicated by ad spend. However, things will be different three years later as other mediums increase their presence. As such, mobile advertising is estimated to increase by almost 200 percent from 9 percent in 2015 to 18 percent, in 2018.

According to Newspaper Association of America, the advertising revenue of prominent news publishers has declined from a high of $60 billion at the start of the Millennium to less than $20 billion, in 2012.

The New Bosses of Advertising

Luckily, popular media personalities and owners of advertising companies are increasingly contributing to the philanthropic activities. Among these, one of the most well-known name is Nizan Guanes. As a talented entrepreneur, Guanes is a co-founder and partner of the ABC group. His media empire spreads across the world comprising 18 different companies ranging from advertising, marketing, entertainment and content publishing.

Recognized as one of the most influential Brazilians, Guanes takes great pride in contributing to the cause of education, preservation of cultural heritage and women rights. Every year, he personally overseas charitable activities of his enterprise and works as an ambassador on various UN aid projects.

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