Cassio Audi Transitions from Music to Investment Career

Cassio Audi has become a very successful person in the business world, but he was not always a part of the business administration and financial industry. Before Casio Audi created a life as a business professional he was providing his skills as a drummer to a band called Viper. This is where a lot of people may know of Cassio. He played on an album that received stellar reviews from critics with different music publications and fans. Casio was highly regarded for his ability to play as a drummer and also write music.

This would be a career that Casio Audi loved, but he would not stay with this band outside the eighties. He would appear as a writer on three of the albums before breaking away from his band to pursue other dreams. He will leave his rock band life and go on to earn in MBA for another passion in the world of business. This is where he would find a lot of interest in things like financial industry.

Casio Audi had a lot of interest in building a better career for himself in the world of business. He was a prolific songwriter that received a lot of praise for the music that he created, but he felt that he would be much better suited for a business world, and that is what led to a departure from the music. Many people are still Googling and discovering Casio Audi as a musician for the first time as his music comes through on different apps like Google Play and iTunes. He may have moved away from this world, but the music that he created appears to live on. New fans are still discovering his musicianship, and many are dazzled by the fact that he has been able to transition.