Cassio Audi As A Leading Finance Professional

Cassio Audi has earned a reputation in the finance industry as he has over 23 years of experience in this industry. In addition, he has worked with all kinds of businesses. These include start-ups, small private companies as well as huge public enterprises. He has also worked for large multinational firms along with private equity businesses, and for turn-around cases. This type of varied experience led him to become a leader in the finance world today.

Cassio Audi has a good understanding of business operations. He uses then in a way that would foster growth as well as enhance efficiency. This leads to an increase in productivity. Besides, he is a change agent too. His excellent communication along with interpersonal skills helps him to get along with his staff, no matter at what level they are.

It was in 1992 that Cassio Audi started his career in finance. He joined J P Morgan Chase as a trader and served with them for four years. After that, he moved on to DOW Chemical. He worked there in the capacity of the senior financial analyst. After this, he moved to Gillette and worked there as their Finance Director for eight years. This wa when he moved to Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners as their Chief Financial Officer. Next was Rossi where Cassio Audi worked as the CFO. This allowed Cassio Audi to attain varied experience in the finance industry.

Cassio Audi is a person who believes in taking action. He does not make false promises. Rather he is known to deliver much more than what is expected of him.

He is a simple person who can present even complex things in a simple way. This way he motivates people in order to get work done. He does not only sit and plan but goes out and to get things done.