“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Met with Controversy

A new book release by Sean Penn is making headlines. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the first novel written by the former actor. It is leaving many people wondering about the intended message along with how closely it reflects the views of Sean Penn. Penn states and in a recent interview for Rolling Stones that he enjoyed writing the novel. The novel was something that he’d wanted to do for some time but he expresses that life often got in the way. He is taken to writing as a means of creative expression. Although he has written for movies in the past he expressed an appreciation for the novel writing process. He states that his appreciation for the experience stems from his desire to work independently. He believes that the next section of his career will be more dedicated to independent pursuits. Despite the controversy associated with the release of his first book, he does intend on writing more.

But what is all the controversy surrounding this novel? Many people alleged that the novel reflects Penn’s personal opinions. They believe that the politics of the character in question resemble those that Penn has expressed in the past, therefore, they believe the novel to just be a venting point for Penn. Penn does not make any direct refutation to this claim other than expressing disappointment that his novel can’t just be appreciated for the fictional work that it is. Another issue surrounding the book is that of the writing style. Many of the people who read the book find that it is difficult to comprehend. This is likely due to the scattered nature of the plot along with a more dense writing style. The novel depicts a middle-aged man suffering from depression. He supports himself by working a series of part-time jobs such as selling septic tanks were most controversially assassinating people. The novel takes the reader through the character’s perspective on current events. Most of the book is intended to be written in a satirical format. Sean Penn expresses that the novel is mostly intended to express a view on culture are more than any particular event.