Best Day to Day Life Hacks by Wengie

We all know how life hacks can be a lifesaver or a nail saver. Sometimes we don’t want to toss out a favorite sweater because it becomes linty and dull. These life hacks can show you just how easy it is to make your every day life a lot easier.


We all have that one sweater or shirt we love but can’t seem to keep the lint off of it. And lets face it, not everyone has a lint shaver. Grab a razor and gently run the new blade right over the fabric. This will help get all those pesky lint pieces off in no time. The shirt or sweater will be looking almost as good as new.


At times, we have to either put a key on our keyring or take a key off. Lets face it, if we just had our nails done this could put a damper or a chip in the top coat of your nails. Get a staple remover, using the claw end, open the keyring up. Just by rotating the remover around, you can easily get that key off or back on again without ruining your beautiful nails.


According to Wengie, We all forget stuff from time to time. To make life easier for the day, just put all your items together before you leave out. If you put your keys on top of your phone, purse, planner, or etc. you will not forget anything on your way out.


Sometimes you just don’t want anyone to see what you have scribbled on paper. And most try to mark it out with a side to side motion of a pen. Next time try by writing words or numbers over the original scribble so that the content can’t be made out. Why stop there? Laundry can be a pain to keep up with and folded all the time. So to keep yourself on track, simply put your laundry on your bed. You have to fold it in order to lay down for the night.


Important papers can be bent in the bottom of our purses. But by putting a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag and putting your important documents inside, your important papers can be saved and looking crisp.


Life hacks ranging from the perfect shower temperature by using a dry eraser marker, lining the trash bag with a couple of newspapers to soak up any liquid, taking a pic of the inside of your fridge to do grocery shopping, placing hooks on your waste basket to keep the bag in place, or using a strainer to get the little crumbs sifted from your cereal, these 10 can make your day run a lot smoother.


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