Andy Wirth Faces Injury With Enormous Grace

The outdoors are very much a place where adults can enjoy themselves. Skiing down a mountain, exploring a cave or diving in clear warm waters are a great way to get exercise and connect with nature at the same time. However, while such exercises are fun and enjoyable, they can also be extremely dangerous. This is something that Andy Wirth, one of the world’s most important and powerful skiing resort executives, knows all too well. His recent accident has helped him make sense of life and embrace it even more fiercely. Despite a skydiving accident, he remains fully aware of the world of outdoor sports and even more determined to come back to it. His confidence remains as high as ever as he pushes his own body to do more.

In The Air

Wirth was in the air with two other fellow skydivers when weather conditions shifted quite suddenly. The change caught him by surprise and led him to land where he did not want to be, causing him tremendous injuries. His immediate concern was for his arm as appeared to be in terrible shape after he landed in a vineyard and caught in up some vines there. He was able to tap into both physical and mental strengths in order to cope with this particular ordeal. It was his own desire to come back to the kind of active life that he loves that enabled him to overcome his dreadful injuries.

The Road to Recovery

Three months in the hospital tested his patience and caused him to think about his priorities in life. It was this time time reflect that made him realize that he wanted to return to an active life even more. He knows that it is important to be part of an outdoor life as part of his work with the Alpine Meadows Squaw Valley area. Since then, he has been able to concentrate on his recovery and get back on the slopes. He is hopeful that his ordeal has offered him the opportunity to reflect on what is important in his life and his career.

Talk Fusion Is For Those Who Want Something More

There are a lot of people in life that are looking for something a little extra, something a little more, and something that makes their life feel more complete. Most of the time, they are going through the motions and very unhappy. It feels as though every day feels and is the same. It can be a very frustrating feeling when someone feels as though they have more to give to the world and more to offer. They don’t want to be stuck in a rut and they don’t want to feel as though they have no options and no solutions out there for them. Life is all about having variety.

That is what Talk Fusion, founded by Bob Reina back in 2007, has provided for its customers and clients. They take a great amount of pride in doing that. After all, if someone is going to do a product, it is best to do it the right way. Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, and the talented IT team have worked very hard to create a product that gives people the chance to really go for it when it comes to life. They offer video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails. It is an all-in-one package and right now, they are even offering a 30-day free trial.

These kinds of advancements are why they have received two awards in the same year from the same company in Technology Marketing Corporation. The award is for 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award ( They look for products that have improved themselves and made great changes over the past year. Two awards shows they are not content and they are not satisfied. They know there is more to do with it and there are more advancements that can be made.

It might sound cliche, but it is true: they are looking to get better and better every year. That is how a company stays on top and how they keep their customers happy. Satisfaction is great to have, but when a company rests on that, they fall down a dangerous path.

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John Goullet Is A True Working Man

When someone takes the time to put an individual on their leadership and advisory board, that stands for a lot and that means a lot. It means the person has moxie and the person has what it takes. That is not something that is earned overnight or handed to people. It has to be earned through hard work, putting in the time, and going the extra mile. That is only the way that John Goullet knows how to operate and it is only way he works. It might sound cliche or overused but in the case of John Goullet, it is one hundred and ten percent true. He is a worker right down to his very core.

At Diversant, they are looking to set up IT professionals with jobs at Fortune 500 companies. They get them ready, train them, and give them all of the information they need to succeed. If anyone knows what Fortune 500 companies are looking for, it is most certainly John Goullet. He founded his own company called Info Technologies, and they were put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It was something they took a lot of pride in and they did it to the best of their abilities. He looked at as a badge of honor that these prestigious companies would call on him for advice and help in critical situations. He made a point to never let them down.

He is bringing that same can-do attitude to Diversant as Principal Executive. After all, this is a company that has a motto of “Empowered by Difference.” They are all about doing things a little differently and they look for employees that are different. They know that the employees that do things a little unconventionally are the ones that are going to succeed the most and have the most success in their career. They are not just going to fall in line like everyone else. They are going to stand out and they are going to stand out in a positive way. Once they get under the tutelage Goullet and Diversant, they are set.

Jose Borghi’s Influence in Brazilian Advertising Industry is Unmatched

Brazilian advertising industry is one of the most hyped in the world. The industry is characterized by highly powered technology used to attract viewers’ attention at any cost. Many people have invested in this industry on This means that severe competition for the market is a common phenomenon here. It takes more than technology to make it in this industry. It requires an innovative mindset, smartness and hard work.

He is the founder and president of Mullen Lowe, an advertising company located in Sau Paulo. Jose has transformed Mullen Lowe into one of the most influential advertising companies in Brazil. The company prides itself in creating some of the most popular advertisements gracing the Brazilian TV screens. The company is behind the creation of “Mammals Parmalat,” an advertisement where children dressed in animal attires sing amazing jingles on Marathon Runners is also an amazing piece of work from this ad agency. Other advertising campaigns created by the company include Delta Airlines, Flat, Editora, Procter and Asia Motors brands.

Jose Borghi is a proud owner of several awards due to his outstanding creations. He has bagged the Epica Award, which is given to individuals who have created unique and mind-blowing advertisements using different angles of design. Jose has been awarded in every key Brazilian ad agency network. He has 20 Cannes, 11 One Show and 15 New York Festival awards. In 2014, he emerged the top of the list of candidates considered for the Advertising Professional of the Year award.

Jose Bhorgi started his advertising career at a young age. While at his third year in high school, his sister gave him an opportunity to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater. Jose was impressed by the whole cinema. He immediately developed an interest in image editing and production. In 1988, he was appointed an advertising champion at Standard Ogilvy. He used his time at the company to hone his skills and experience in advertising. He also worked for FCB and Leo Burnett.

In his days as a young man, Jose Borghi could not have imagined that one day he will get several awards, leave alone being the CEO of one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. He is a man on a pedestal. He is a source of envy among his peers and a role model to young people who are yet to find their feet in advertising.

Understanding the Brazilian Legal System

Brazilian law traces its origins in Europe, specifically during the Roman reign of power. Most of the rules and regulations originate from the Napoleon code. This system equips each municipality with autonomy in creating their own bylaws. Furthermore, the country is governed by three separate arms of government: the judiciary legislative and the executive. Each arm has powers to create its own statutory system. Furthermore, they also possess 3 separate branches of government.

Principles of Criminal Law Practiced

Brazil prides itself in promoting human dignity as a basic principle of criminal law. In addition, the Constitution clearly states that an act cannot be classified as a crime in the absence of a previous law. Such a law ought to define the exact nature of the crime and its prescribed punishment.

The Constitution states that accused individuals have a right to a fair trial irrespective of the crimes they are accused of. Such characters have a right to legal representation, defense in court and provision of evidence. Such a trial should be conducted within reasonable time.

Factual proof ought to be provided to make valid judgment. More importantly evidence gathered should be obtained through legal means.

Convicted criminals are incarcerated for the sole purpose of rehabilitation and not punishment. The latter fails to instill redemption in the hearts of criminals. Sentences set should be proportional to the crime committed.

Brazilian law has set 30 years as the maximum sentence for capital punishment. However, such individuals can be released much earlier depending on good behavior. The death penalty is not practiced in the country in an attempt to promote rehabilitation.

About Ricardo Tosto

Tosto is a prominent attorney with an excellent reputation in the Brazilian legal system. He previously worked in a tiny law office before moving to a top litigation firm in the country.

Throughout his career, Tosto has offered legal services to several influential companies and personalities. He has spearheaded the adoption of legal principles into the national law. Furthermore, he has provided creative strategies and exemplary leadership skills to his peers.

Dallas Financial Institution Experiences Fantastic Growth

NexBank had many great things to point out in its fourth-quarter and full-year 2015 reports. NexBank is a financial services company located in the Dallas region. The company has achieved tremendous success with loans, deposits, and more over the course of 2015. Currently, NextBank is primed for even greater things in the coming 2016.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

The increase in Return on Average Equity (ROAE) in 2015 was about 1/3 over what existed in the previous year. The growth of total assets doubled over the course of a calendar year, which is another high point.


Drawing in members to sign up with NexBank requires giving members something the other banks are not delivering. Once again, this is not easy to do since so many banks exist in the industry and all of them have attractive offers for customers.


NetBank made a conscious decision to mostly target its U.S. market with its new plans and growth process. The strategy seemed to work out quite well. The results clearly prove the company is growing and exceeding all expectations.

Nizan Guanes – A Role Model For The Advertising Industry

The Future of Advertising

Since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, advertising and marketing has played an important role in the success of global enterprise. Due to the increased business competition and globalization of the world market, it is difficult to survive in the corporate world with just the word of mouth. According to recent estimates, consumers spent nearly $592.43 billion on advertising costs, in 2015.

With the advent of the Internet, advertising and marketing are become even more saturated. For instance, television advertising account for almost 37% of the total market share as indicated by ad spend. However, things will be different three years later as other mediums increase their presence. As such, mobile advertising is estimated to increase by almost 200 percent from 9 percent in 2015 to 18 percent, in 2018.

According to Newspaper Association of America, the advertising revenue of prominent news publishers has declined from a high of $60 billion at the start of the Millennium to less than $20 billion, in 2012.

The New Bosses of Advertising

Luckily, popular media personalities and owners of advertising companies are increasingly contributing to the philanthropic activities. Among these, one of the most well-known name is Nizan Guanes. As a talented entrepreneur, Guanes is a co-founder and partner of the ABC group. His media empire spreads across the world comprising 18 different companies ranging from advertising, marketing, entertainment and content publishing.

Recognized as one of the most influential Brazilians, Guanes takes great pride in contributing to the cause of education, preservation of cultural heritage and women rights. Every year, he personally overseas charitable activities of his enterprise and works as an ambassador on various UN aid projects.

Read More about Nizan Guanaes:$-1-bilh%C3%A3o.htm

Morning Routine review

An effectively stimulating, well time-managed morning routine is widely accepted as a solid foundation along the journey to broader success. Wengie, a YouTube sensation and “Beauty Blogger“, in January of 2016, released her “updated” and “uplifting” morning routine: “Morning Routine 2016 ♥ Wengie” to her viewers.
Wengie is regarded as insanely beautiful by hundreds of thousands worldwide; therefore, her morning routine is a sought after secret by many individuals aiming for a healthy and more beautiful self image.
The effects of ensuring pinnacle bodily hygiene early in the day are shown in studies to range from boosted outward and internal confidence and increased brain productivity, to an increased fluidity of cognition and overall better health.
After dealing with hygiene, Wengie discusses that she prepares a healthy breakfast and eats while watching a motivational or an inspirational video online. This short process guarantees that she is motivated early in the morning, thus resulting in extremely enhanced productivity and efficiency, along with stimulated “gratefulness” and comprehensive analytical and deductive reasoning skills.
Wengie conveys a strong aura of confidence and motivation through her speech in all of her videos through sharing factual and personal advice regarding living a better, healthier, happier life and being able to secure a self image that you are comfortable and confident within.  Her attitude and methodology in her own daily life carries over into her blogging persona and disperses throughout her fan and viewer bases, thus generating motivation and opportunity for over one million different people across the globe to improve their own quality of life through simply watching a professional quality YouTube video production by a beautiful young woman who proves time and time again that she has struggled with the same personal and health issues that she speaks so often about. The advice is sincere and authentic and Wengie pushes out copious amounts of fresh, original content to aide her viewers in various circumstances of their daily lives.

***This note will not effect word count as I am over it! I wrote this back when articles were up and they all got taken, I do not believe I have submitted it. 🙂 If you end up having it already, please let me know and I will do a great article over again. I am just letting you know because I am almost sure but I just don’t want any misunderstandings! Awesome videos by the way, I’m a new fan!

The Best Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort For A Getaway

The perfect ski trip is the dream of those that love the sport. If you are planning ski getaway to Lake Tahoe, then you will probably want to know what the best resorts in the area are. It is important to get some information in advance before booking your reservation. You don’t want to arrive at any unpleasant surprises or events that you were not expecting.

When planning your getaway be sure to find out what the resort will be offering to its guest and know whether there will be any extra fee, and what the resort offers to the guest that is inclusive in their vacation package.

Some of the best-reviewed ski resorts include Northstar At Tahoe, Heaven, Squaw Valley, and Alpine Meadows. These are the resorts that have gotten the best customer ratings and reviews in the area.

These Ski Resorts in California offer luxurious accommodations as well as all-inclusive packages. There is something for every member of the family at these fabulous resorts.

Them most rich and luxurious are Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Both have the same parent company and are located nearby. Both of these magnificent resorts offer the most comfortable rooms and also offer activities for kids and spa getaways for the adults. The food is the finest around, and a friendly staff member is waiting to assist you should you need anything. If you can imagine your perfect getaway, then that is what you will get when you visit either of these top notch resort locations.

Visit their website to get more information regarding availability and what activities will be offered to you during the time frame you are planning your visit. Both of the properties have year round activities and also host events for charity and other worthy causes.

If you book your ski vacation with either Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to come back in the future.

How Healthy Living Got Into a Legal Feud With Nutrimost

What Nutrimost Is Asking For in the Lawsuit Against Healthy Living

More than half of the residents of the United States are overweight or obese. Many of these individuals will never lose the weight that they need to lose in order to get healthy. But there is a company out there that can help any individual lose weight. It helped me lose 20 pounds, but I will explain more about that later.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Unfortunately, this company has gotten into a serious legal dispute with another weight loss company. The latter company is called Healthy Living, and they essentially stole a video from the website of Nutrimost. The video was promotional, and when Healthy Living took it, they only changed the name to reference their own company. It was obvious that the video was stolen. Naturally, Nutrimost filed a lawsuit for $300,000. This money is being asked for because of Nutrimost lost reputation and goodwill by this theft.

Fortunately, the representatives for Healthy Living were made to take the video down, and the representatives for Nutrimost are working hard to get compensation for Nutrimost.

What I Know About Nutrimost

I want to talk a little bit about how Nutrimost affected my life. After my second child, I could not lose the baby weight. I had probably forty extra pounds on my body, so I tried a ton of different weight loss tactics to drop the excess weight. 

Finally, a friend told me about Nutrimost, so I gave it a try. I am happy to say that I have already lost 25 pounds, and it’s only been 30 days. I can’t believe the amazing changes that have happened to my body because of this program, and I’m so thankful.

Ideal You