Vinny Parascandola Hopes To Lead AXA Into The Future

AXA is a French multinational insurance firm based out of Paris that primarily provides financial services related to global insurance and investment management. Established in 1989, AXA has provided clients with a stable and reliable foundation to help them reach their financial dreams. AXA has millions of clients that are located around the World. AXA has established itself as one of the top insurance brands in the World.

AXA’s success comes from investing billions of dollars throughout state, national, and local economies. AXA invests in stocks, private equity, as well as state and municipal bonds. AXA is committed to meeting its obligations while helping to provide capital to the US economy. AXA believes that the secret to their success are the great employees who work for the firm. They are a reflection of the diverse markets in which AXA operates. AXA provides multiple development opportunities that allow employees to grow and showcase their talent. AXA’s employees are a diverse group that understands the importance of respecting everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

AXA provides clients the opportunity to get life insurance that suits their individual needs. AXA can help clients develop a financial plan by analyzing what type of insurance is best for the situation, as well as the necessary protection.

Retirement is a major goal for many people, which is why AXA has multiple options to help their clients prepare to enjoy a successful retirement. AXA offers clients the opportunity to invest in an annuity, an employer sponsored plan or a personal individual retirement account. AXA also helps employers manage different plans, such as dental vision and life. Employers can also look at different retirement plans, such as a 401(K), 403(B), AND 457(B).

The Senior Executive Vice President of AXA is Vincent Parascandola. Parascandola is responsible for the management, development, recruiting, and retention of financial professionals. Parascandola has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Prior to his current role, Parascola was the president of the Advantage Group. Parascandola received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University.


The Corporate Philanthropist, George Soros’ Views on the Present Global Situation

George Soros is a multi-billionaire investor and hedge fund manager with a benevolent nature. George Soros is a philanthropic individual of the corporate world with strong moral views related to the current situations in the world, particularly the United States.

An online article released by Portia Crowe through the Business Insider on the 19th of January, 2017, reported that George Soros had made a recent statement expressing his concerns over the future of America and the rest of the world with the President-Elect of the United States, Donald Trump. He had restated his belief that he is a deceptive leader on a journey to be a dictator for his nation. This statement was made on the Thursday of that week at an event in Davos, Switzerland that held the prestigious World Economic Forum on Politico. Soros expressed Trump’s form of government to be a “mafia state.” He expressed concern over an uncertain future with Trump as his policies appear to be incongruous with each other. He believes Trump’s actions are unpredictable as his policies were rather formed by his advisors than himself who appeared to be more enthusiastic about building his personal brand. Despite his strong apprehension over a failing president and a failing nation, George Soros believes that the worst case scenario will be averted with the strong institutions of the United States still in existence today.

In a recent article posted by the Business Insider on the 24th of January, 2017, George Soros himself had shared his best wishes with the world that he believes is in grave “trouble” due to Trump’s victory on in the recent election of the US. He mentions that the world is growing closer to adopting a closed society rather than the open society history had once battled and won over. Being a holocaust surviving Jewish individual who was once persecuted, George Soros defined an open society to have a leader who would protect the best wishes and welfares of his voters while a closed society to have a leader who would manipulate his voters into fulfilling his personal wishes and his supreme wellbeing. He expressed discontentment in finding that the elite leaders who were once elected to have disappointed their voters to such an extent that they had to end up voting for Trump in major numbers on Snopes. Soros expressed disappointment that the voters seem to display a loss of hope in regards to democracy and instead opt for a potential dictator like Trump. Still, he believed that the voters in America would awaken democracy soon when they realize the actual scenario with Trump in power.

George Soros had pledged over $10 million recently to battle the rapidly growing hate crimes in the United States. He believes Trump’s recent emergence of power was the key stimulator of the recent unfavorable situation in the US.

Maggie Gill And What She Does For Memorial Health

Maggie Gill is a leader that shows a lot of care for her patients. This is one of the reasons that Memorial Health is one very effective health facility for senior citizens. She understands that just because one is old does not mean that one has to settle for some very bad health. There are facilities like Memorial Health that are willing to make sure that one is getting the assistance that he needs. Therefore, it is important for seniors to get as much help as they can from Maggie Gill and many of the other professionals in the company.


Memorial Health is a large facility with as much as over 600 beds. This gives it an ability to help a large number of seniors. Therefore, people do not have to worry about being put on a waiting list for too long. With the large number of beds in the facilities, this makes it a lot easier on the professionals when it comes to serving patients. Maggie Gill is especially helpful when it comes to finding ways to improve the services. Even though the services are already good, she does make it a point to use her creativity to make it more effective.


One of the reasons that Maggie Gill is so successful in treating patients is that she is very loving. For one thing, she has her priorities straight when it comes to people. The most important people in her life is her family. This is why she works so hard and is so creative. She loves being able to satisfy her family. This is what brings her a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. When it comes to work, the best way to succeed is in doing the type of work that is very close to one’s own values.


Todd Lubar : The Senior Vice President of Your Mortgage Company of Choice

How many of you have gone to the banks with a request for mortgage and was denied? If you have, I hope you did not give up on the dream of being a homeowner. The truth is that, there are actually a number of companies that would be interested in seeing you have a home of your own. They give you the financial assistance that you need when all other lenders fail. And, this is exactly what Todd Lubar does through his companies.


Todd Lubar owns Legendary Financial which advances financial assistance to people who would like to purchase or renovate their homes. The company is an affiliate of his Legendary Corporation, LLC which opened its doors in the year 2002. When the company started, they would help clients sell or buy residential properties. With time and an endless list of contacts that Lubar had made during his time working for various companies, the company expanded to have a financial branch that would lend money to home buyers. Todd Lubar serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary. He is involved in making the critical decisions that go when a loan is being advanced. With his firm, he has been able to help thousands of people purchase residential properties and continues to build solid contacts till to date. Other than actively helping his company thrive, he is involved in the running of other firms. He serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures.


It is evident that Todd Lubar has been really successful in the real estate business. Through him, it is evident that the real estate business pays. But only if one is willing to commit to it fully and work hard without giving up. When Todd Lubar started out as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a real estate company, he did not know that real estate was where his passion lay. It was only a few years into the job that he decided that he would invest in this industry. His goals became even clearer when he left the company and was tapped by Legacy Financial Group.

The International Scientific Community Will Attend Four U.K. Wessex Conferences This Year

In the U.K., the Wessex Institute’s 2017 conferences are attracting international attention. In May, the Complex Systems 2017 conference in New Forest will put together researchers and developers to create new applications to solve complex issues in a variety of fields. In June, New Forest is also hosting the first International Conference on Timber Structures, which deals with structural wood products and their impact on the environment. During the same month, the Sustainable Development and Planning conference will be held in Bristol. In September, New Forest will host the 40th International Conference on Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods. As always, each conference will draw leading members of the international scientific community in trans-disciplinary fields.  Visit this site


Securus: Technology For Safety

Technology has a lot of uses. Many people do use technology for entertainment and leisure. However, technology has also been shown to be useful for productive activities. Among these activities is protecting people and maintaining public safety. One of the companies that are dedicated to the safety of individuals is Securus Technologies. This company is dedicated to not only serving the public, but also improving the corrections process in jails and prison. For one thing, the problem of crime needs to be addressed at its root. This has resulted in a lot of improvements in how public safety is taken care of.


There have been a lot of customer comments on how Securus has helped them. They have taken the time to let people know that Securus is not only effective at protecting the public, it is also effective at making sure that inmates are protected. After all, inmates are human. Many of them are in prison for relatively minor terms and will be let out soon. Therefore, they should be protected as well. Securus provides the technology that makes it easier for protection to be provided to the inmates. They also have some form of education that could prepare the inmates for the outside world.


Securus also makes sure that the inmates are still in touch with their loved ones. They offer services that allow inmates to not only talk with their families, but also see them. This makes the time easier on the inmates who still have family members. Securus also makes it easier for people to find any type of corruption in a facility. One of the methods that make it easier on the people is that it records all of the information that identifies the person on the phone. Securus has services for everyone in both law enforcement and other occupations.


Doug Levitt: From Foreign Correspondent To Songwriter And Activist

In an age where singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen, few of these artists manage to have a unique point of view. However, since Doug Levitt has made the career switch from foreign correspondent for major news networks such as NBC and CNN to traveling musician, he has managed to captivate audiences with his journalistic approach to musical storytelling.


Levitt grew up as the son of D.C. Councilmember Carol Schwartz and attended the London School of Economics, earning his masters in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. From there, he managed to work for prestigious news networks, travelling to countries like Iran and Rwanada. His career as a foreign correspondent was enviable to many, but for Levitt, it felt inauthentic.


During a trip back to the United States, Levitt was particularly stricken by the rising poverty statistics as a result of a nationwide economic crisis. Having always felt a certain artistic sense since childhood, Levitt made the decision to abandon his career and engage in a form of activism that would allow him to express his creative side.


Levitt teamed up with Americana producer David Henry upon moving to Nashville to launch a singing and songwriting career. It was then that he launched The Greyhound Diaries, a politically-charged multimedia endeavor focusing on musical performance, storytelling and photography.


The name for the project comes from the 100,000 miles he has traveled on Greyhound buses. During these travels, Levitt has seen American poverty firsthand and uses these haunting experiences to fuel his creative process. His work is greatly inspired by WPA initiatives launched during The Great Depression that used art to expose the national economic crisis of the time.


Switching careers wasn’t easy for Levitt. For a while, he was broke and busking just to make a little money here and there. His efforts have paid off, however, as his work has been featured in several prestigious venues worldwide. Audiences connect with The Greyhound Diaries thanks to Levitt’s unique artistic voice.


Levitt was extremely vocal during this past presidential election, launching a tour to encourage Americans to vote. Currently, he is working on a memoir that chronicles his unique story.

Keith Mann: Transforming the World through Entrepreneurial Leadership and Charity Work

Keith Mann is a leading executive search expert, entrepreneur, activist, and philanthropist. His experience in the arena of executive search extends for over 15 years. He has established a great niche in the industry as a specialist in hiring strategy, development of staffing solutions, and hedge fund compensation. While working at Dynamics Executive Search as the managing director, Keith Mann offered staffing solutions to financial services companies across the world.

Mann has succeeded in executive search sector due to his exceptional research skills and desire to identify new investment opportunities. His research work enabled him to realize that hedge fund sector was a fast-rising market but the search community underserved it. Therefore, he introduced Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. After four years, he expanded the operations of the practice into the lucrative private equity sector. In 2009, Mann officially started Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) as a key provider executive search services to alternative investment companies.

Roles and accomplishments of Keith Mann as CEO of DSP

Keith Mann manages the daily strategic growth plans and operational initiatives. He helps his clients in strengthening their existing teams by recruiting marketing and in-house strategy specialists and establishing new platforms on their behalf. Under Mann’s supervision, DSP continues to serve firms in the alternative investment sector in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. It meets the staffing needs of at least 200 companies each year.

Charitable initiatives

Keith Mann’s interest in philanthropy lies in education, peace, and animal causes. He has introduced DSP into charity work by establishing a corporate charity wing. On March 3, 2015, Mann and DSP invited various key players of the financial services sector at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden for a fundraising event. The participants contributed over $22,000 to fund initiatives of the Uncommon Schools. The organization aims at providing opportunities for high school graduates to attend college. DSM began supporting initiatives of Uncommon Schools located in New York in 2013. DSM and Uncommon Schools are always looking for ways for developing a reliable and meaningful platform that DSM can leverage to help students to acquire technical and practical expertise.

Clay Siegall: A True American Innovator

When it comes to the fight against cancer nothing is spared. Extensive amounts of research and data comes into play here as well as scientific innovation. Cancer medications and treatments have to go through numerous stages before being introduced to the public and there is one person who is spear heading the charge into the future. Dr. Clay Siegall is than man in charge and his company Seattle Genetics is steam rolling cancer thanks to it’s use of advanced breakthrough therapies. Dr. Clay Siegall implements thorough research, scientific innovation as well as drug developments. Nothing is left to chance when you’re dealing with a person’s life Dr. Clay Siegall makes certain all measures are followed by the book.


The good doctor has an extensive resume that spans decades back. He’s worked in the industry for many years before the birth of Seattle Genetics. Organizations such as The National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb, and The National Cancer Institute have been graced by his presence. Dr. Siegal has written 70 publications, won numerous industry awards, and has raised millions of dollars for the advancement of the company. Just looking at the company’s social media account will give you a good sense of how important this guy is as he has thousands of followers keeping themselves “in the know” from the company’s cancer fighting movements. Seattle Genetics has changed the game in a positive way which has caused the company to grow drastically over the years. Forbes ranked the company has one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. for last year. With such growth comes the need for more employees and this Bothell, Washington based company is looking to add up to 100 more staff members to it’s already 800 man roster.


Seattle Genetics and Dr. Clay Siegll are revolutionizing the industry for the present as well as into the future.

Exploring the Career and Projects of Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a prominent figure, especially in the executive search industry. In fact, his experience in the industry spans more than 15 years. Some of his key areas of specialization include hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensation.

Working Experience

Before establishing the Dynamic Search Partners, where currently he serves as the CEO, Keith was the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. During his tenure, he was in charge of recruiting for various international financial service companies. While still working at Dynamics Executive Search, Keith created the Alternative Investment Practice back in 2002. This idea sprang after recognizing the hedge fund market or industry as a fast growing industry that was inadequately served by the search community.

In 2006, Mann spearheaded the expansion of the Alternative Investment Practice into the private equity market. After three years, he went ahead to launch the Dynamics Search Partners, as a leading executive search company that is devoted solely to serving alternative investment firms. Since 2009, Mann has been overseeing the daily management of the company by helping his customers hire the best marketing, internal strategy and investment experts to join their existing teams.

Mann’s Role at the Dynamic Search Partners

As such, DSP boasts of a 10-year’s record of accomplishments in paring its clients with top industry talent.

Projects Outside his Career

Apart from being involved in the day to day running of the Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann takes part in other activities such as helping the less privileged.  As a matter of fact, Keith together with his wife, Keely, unveiled a scholarship program in conjunction with the Uncommon Schools dubbed as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

The scholarship, which was launched early last year, is aimed at recognizing the upcoming generation of brilliant business leaders. Each year a graduating senior from one of the Uncommon Schools’ high schools will be awarded the scholarship, which comes with a cash reward of $5,000 to help the winner pay for college tuition.