Stansberry Research Discusses Berkshire Hathaway’s Investment Decisions

Privately owned American research company Stansberry research is headquartered in Baltimore Maryland. Stansberry Research is part of the Angora group and was founded in 1999. In addition to the Baltimore Maryland corporate HQ office, Stansberry also has offices in California, Florida and Oregon. Stansberry provides a monthly newsletter that contains detailed investing analysis for their dedicated subscribers and readers. Stansberry is a subscription based investment information newsletter that has subscribers in over 120 countries worldwide. They currently have hundreds of thousands of paid online subscribers.

On March 9, 2018 Stansberry Research published an article about the hidden problems at Berkshire Hathaway. In this article Stansberry goes over topics that have not been publically spoken about and they admit some of their avid readers may even dismiss that particular article. Stansberry Research suggests that Warren Buffet step down as the acting CEO of Berkshire Hathaway because he is covering up many bad investment decisions. Berkshire Hathaway still has a large amount of strong investment holds and remains an insurance industry leader but this insurance powerhouse is also making less than desirable investments(Thenewsversion).

Warren Buffet began searching out companies to invest in after he established a large amount of float equity in Berkshire Hathaway. When he began his search he was looking for entire companies that did not require very much capital to grow. These companies did not need to provide large profits right away. He wanted companies that would maintain a steady growth rate and eventually pull in profits. The companies that Buffet sought out were smaller businesses that had a good presence within the United States. By 2013 Warren Buffet completely changed his strategy of acquisition. He began seeking out larger companies that were based outside of the United States and required a large up-front investment. For the first time since Warren Buffets investment career began, a strategy he utilized did not beat the S&P 500. These investments resulted in a compounded decrease in Berkshire Hathaway’s ability to compound wealth.

Stansberry Research goes into detail in each investment newsletter that they publish. These details help dedicated readers to make educated and well informed investing tips.


Financial Advisor David Giertz Talks About Spending During Retirement

For a number of years David Giertz worked for Nationwide Financial in an executive role. He has also worked for other financial firms like Citicorp. Over the years he has served as an investment advisor for many people as he is a FINRA registered broker. In all he has been in the progressive financial sector for more than 30 years. In addition to assisting people with their retirement accounts he also sells life insurance and annuities.

David Giertz says that one surprise for many new retirees is that it can be rather difficult to make the transition from saving to spending their retirement accounts. Saving money for many was a lifetime habit up to that point. They will hesitate to spend from their retirement accounts instead. This is really normal and he says people need to not feel guilty about enjoying their retirement on the money they put away over decades.

He says that as long as retirees follow a reasonable budget they will in all likelihood be ok. David Giertz says that some retirees feel that there might be some future event which will require a huge sum of money to pay for it. This paralyzes them and they end up not enjoying their retirement years because they fear their money will run out. A lot of people when they’re younger have dreams of what they will do in retirement but than once they do retire they don’t follow through on their dreams because of these types of worries.

He says that there is a balance between using your retirement savings in a smart way versus going crazy with your money. He says that discipline is what it takes to have a good retirement. Create a budget which includes money for the things you enjoy whether that’s traveling extensively or visiting children and grandchildren. He says retired people should also keep a cash reserve because when you are in retirement you don’t want everything in the stock market. This also reduces stress for retirees because if the markets go down they have plentiful cash to use while waiting for the markets to recover.

Dare To Be Different: The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is one of the most prestigious schools for the arts in the country. The school has been around since the 1920s, and it was founded by a painter named Richard S. Stephens. Throughout the years, the ownership of the school has been passed-down to other members of the Stephens family. Academy of Art University has a large student-base of over 12,000 students. In addition to that, the school has well-over 1,154 part-time teachers as well as more than 280 full-time teachers. Thanks to the school’s ability to evolve with the times, it now offers certificate programs, online courses, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and portfolio-development programs.

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest and best spectacles in the fashion world. Hundreds of designers come here to display their stuff for the new year and thousands of people attend this event as spectators. Of Course, Academy of Art University was present, and it certainly represented itself to the fullest. Some of the school’s former-graduates got a chance to display their fashion lines in front of a jam-packed crowd. Some of the former-graduates were Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Saya Shen and Joanna Jadallah. “Each collection has a distinct spirit,” said Executive Director of Fashion Simon Ungless. Skylight Clarkson Square was rocking-and-rolling to all of the funky fashion attire and Ms. J. Alexander of “America’s Next Top Model” was present in the crowd.

Academy of Art University has a mission to prepare aspiring professionals for the fields of communications, of liberal arts and of design. Students will get a chance to learn from various professionals, to take part in community events and to take their game to the next level. All in all, this phenomenal school is changing the status quo because it’s leading by example.


The checks of the century

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Dr. Dov Rand: West Orange NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

Dr. Rand has a rejuvenating new approach that goes well beyond all of the recent fad diets (which we’ve all seen to eventually become ineffective where he goes further in depth into what the body truly requires from the inside out). Dr. Rand constructs customized therapies for individuals that include preventing diseases and restoring the health and vitality that patients once experienced in their younger years. Some of this includes balancing of hormones, IV nutrient therapy, medical weight loss, and addressing the difference in gender related weight loss issues.


Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Rand has held the office of President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010. Dr. Dov Rand conveys that humans have both good and bad hormones. As each individual ages, the level of bad hormones increase while the good levels decrease. Great improvements in one’s health may be seen when these hormones are balanced. These include increased strength, stamina, energy, and reports of improvement in mood. In terms of medical benefits, there can be improvements such as fewer reports of cancer, lowered cholesterol levels, and lessened susceptibility to heart disease.


IV Therapy Protocols

Blood testing is done in order to establish hormone levels and to search for vitamin deficiencies, as well as a panel of genetic testing. Markers for medical issues such as obesity, cancer, and heart disease are searched for in the blood. Once these items are evaluated, IV nutrient therapy and hormone therapy can be administered in order to establish the optimal balances to the individual.


HCG Medical Weight Loss

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone the body creates in a pregnant female. This hormone is what helps the embryo develop, but it can also help muscles from deteriorating when an individual is dieting. It has been reported to create higher energy levels, lower insulin levels, a feeling of greater self-confidence, and a refreshed metabolism, all while accelerating weight loss.


Gender Specifications

Dr. Dov Rand clearly acknowledges the different needs of men and women. He offers specialized hormone optimization therapy for males. Both genders can benefit significantly from age management and anti-aging services.


Perry Mandera and Transportation Field Proficiency

Perry Mandera created Custom Care Charities, Inc. He’s a transportation field veteran who likes assisting other people. He’s committed to church and to the members of his family. He even appreciates athletics. Mandera finished studying at a public high school located in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the seventies. He wasted no time and became part of the United States’ Marine Corp Reserves. His tour of duty was an eventful one. His motor pool duties revolved around truck driving. This was a new skill that he had to acquire. Perry got an honorable discharge and after that transitioned seamlessly to existence as a civilian. He was merely a young man when he started a company of his own. This was in 1980. He maintained it for half a decade and sold it in 1985. Mandera had had employment with numerous transportation businesses before he got the chance establish his company.

Politics is yet another subject that’s of interest to Perry Mandera. He was a Republican Ward committeeman for several years during the eighties. This was for Chicago’s 26th Ward. He was notably young to have that role at the time. Perry Mandera launched The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986. It currently accommodates the requirements of many diverse customers. It helps enormous corporations. It even helps up-and-coming firms that are operated by family members.

Mandera tied the knot back in 1989. He has two kids. He keeps himself extremely busy with youth sports and educational pursuits. He does a lot for his neighborhood. His church is also one of his biggest priorities in life.

Perry Mandera endorses many organizations that are in his surroundings. He endorses the ISCC which is short for the “Illinois State Crime Commission.” It’s a group that has an admiration for him that’s unequaled. The ISCC gave Mandera the 2010 Bishop Sheil Award. The group, just a year later, also gave him the exciting “Citizen of the Year” title. The ISCC is a not-for-profit entity that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It concentrates on all kinds of actions that lower juvenile behavioral problems and crime overall.


Telereal’s Graham Edwards and The Robust Methodology That Encourages Generosity Among His Workers

In a world that’s becoming more divided and shockingly atomized, it helps to find tricks, heuristics and survival shortcuts that can increase one’s ability to weather the storms. One of the few brave men today who has the interest, skills, and luck to face the global challenges is Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium. His dynamic personality is an asset in a world where executives that initiate policies are heartless, faceless and callous against the reality of their surroundings. Graham Edwards stands out because he knows that his work should have to go beyond that if it is meaningful.


The Reach and Power of Trillium

It can’t be denied that the largest privately operated property firm today in the UK region is Telereal Trillium. It is the company that’s been deemed by many as the most powerful in scope and scale. The one thing that makes Telereal stand out, though, is not from a top-bottom approach, but because of the voice of its people that is passionate in upholding a culture of corporate excellence. Also, this level of success would not have been possible if it weren’t for the diligent involvement of Graham Edwards.


The Donation Matching Scheme

It is through robust and smart business methods that one can achieve the highest level of positive impact on the people. In the case of Graham Edwards Telereal and Telereal, this methodology is in the form of its Donation Matching Scheme. This non-profit social improvement project has been fantastic in delivering the right service and assistance to the right people. No wonder this is one of the most successful corporate social responsibility projects that Telereal has initiated.

This donation system is also intelligent in the way that it matches the donation of the employees to the amount to be donated by the upper management of the company. This way, more people will get the benefit, and the collaboration between the company and its employees would grow. As a result, when the program was just in its initial phase, there was only about £500 as the maximum donation, but now there’s already £2,500 as its limit.



Glen Wakeman, the man behind LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman, the brains behind LaunchPad Holdings began his success story at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. In 1981, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance. Glen’s desire to acquire more knowledge about the business world made him continue with his studies at the University of Chicago in 1991. He received Master of Business Administration degree after completing his studies. In order to pay for his college studies, Glen Wakeman had to work as a janitor in an auto parts factory. This taught him to respect all kinds of work.

Having gained knowledge from the university, Glen launched his business career at General Electric. While at General Electric he held various positions that gave him a lot of experiences. He also had the opportunity to live and work in South America, Asia, and Europe. When he was CEO of GE Money Latin America which was the last position he held at GE, Glen increased the company’s net income and employment rate. To add to that, the company also had more than 1000 branches (Wikidata).

Glen Wakeman, a successful entrepreneur, loves to help other young entrepreneurs to grow and be successful. This desire led to the birth of LaunchPad Holdings. Glen did a research on why new businesses were failing so fast, and he discovered that the people behind these businesses had ideas but did not know how to put the ideas into action. This is where the LaunchPad software come in handy. Glen initiated the software to help people with their entrepreneurship journey. The software operates by asking the client questions and giving answers.

Glen Wakeman has experienced a lot of setbacks in his career ( Despite all that, Glen believes that in order for one to succeed in entrepreneurship, believing in oneself and the ability to take risks is key. Also, mistakes are part of success stories, and one has to learn from them.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Glen is also a blogger. Glen uses this platform to give business related information. He also speaks Spanish. Glen is happily married to Argentine. He is also an ardent reader of the book, “The Art of War,” being his favorite and recommends people to read it as it teaches about teamwork.

Bruno Fagali Discussing The New Law In France About The Retouched Photographs

The field of law in Brazil is competitive and at the same time highly sophisticated. There are several thousand lawyers in the country, and as the field of law continues to be more rewarding for the attorneys, more and more students are choosing law as their profession. It has made it difficult for the clients to determine which lawyer to hire when they are facing any legal issues.

If you are looking for an attorney who has experience in regulatory, anti-corruption, and corporate law, then look no further than Bruno Fagali. He is one of the leading lawyers in Brazil in the areas mentioned above and is also considered an authority on administrative law, ethics, and compliance law.


Bruno Fagali has a special interest in staying updated with the new and recent events in the field of law. He writes his opinion about the new amendments and current happenings in the area of law on his blog. Recently, Bruno Fagali wrote on his blog about the new ruling in France about the retouched photographs of the models. The new ruling in France passed by the court said that it would be mandatory for magazines and just about any media publications to mention near the pictures of models that it is retouched if it is digitally retouched.

Bruno Fagali says that the youth is getting influenced by the photographs of models on magazines and are trying to follow diet and physical regimen top achieve such physical appearance according to However, it is only leading to health issues due to the lack of professional supervision, such as the one’s models have. Many cases of anorexia are coming forward due to it. Bruno Fagali says that such a law is present in Brazil for a long time, and it is necessary for the publications to mention retouched photograph if that is the case.

For more information about Bruno Fagali, just click here.

Jorge Moll Calls for Innovation and the Application of Technology to Improve Healthcare

Jorge Moll is a household name in Brazil’s healthcare sector. The prominent cardiologist doubles as an entrepreneur and business professional who owns Brazil’s largest group of hospitals, D’Or Hospital Network. Serving as the president of the hospitals, Jorge Moll has tremendously contributed to transforming patient care through innovation. That is why at a workshop held in Brazil, to address healthcare issues, Jorge Moll offered insightful ideas on how entrepreneurship can feature into health management. In his address, Mr. Jorge Moll highlighted the current trends he has seen in the healthcare sector in international and national levels.


Background Information

Another vital aspect he addressed is how to come up with trends that minimize wastage by providing healthcare at a lower cost. To facilitate this, Moll said that he has come up with a model titled Total Health Management Model. This model intends to assist healthcare practitioners to not only understand the required treatment for patients but also make hospital pathways for technical support and assured quality. Besides, the model will handle patients from the time they are admitted to the hospital to the time they are discharged.


Technology in Healthcare

Jorge Moll is enthusiastic about incorporating technology in delivering healthcare services. According to him, not only is technology useful in increasing doctor-patient interaction but also it is essential in allowing doctors to reach patient’s files on time. Of course, this helps in that a better medical evaluation can be carried out. Besides, it promotes safety when treating patients.


Volunteering and Well-being

As the head cheerleader of D’Or Institute for Research as well as Education, Mr. Jorge Moll oversees research conducted in the institute. With his associates in the medical fraternity, he has been a huge volunteer of activities that promote health. According to Jorge Moll, voluntary work is a healthy activity that activates the brain by giving volunteers the feeling of belonging to the society. The same voluntary work contributes to the prevention of heart problems as well as diseases. Therefore, Jorge Moll is a huge contributor to charity work, and he believes that everyone should make a point of participating in philanthropy.