Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California. He was brought up there and attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. In 2009, he moved to England together with his family. This was after the divorce of his parents. By then he was schooling in Eaton Square School.

In 2010, Kordestani moved back to the bay area and graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory. He is currently attending college.

He is the CEO and founder of Milan Farms that is one of the competing equestrians in the whole nation. Kordestani lives in California in the Bay area.

Milan Kordestani was ranked as the third champion in the world Championships. The Championships earned him recognition. To add to his equestrian activities, Milan is also an author. He writes for Huffington post in the field of politics, mental health and Agriculture.

Milan began horse-riding at the age of 10. In 2016 he was the second at World Champion Horse Show. Additionally, on his achievements, he created Milan Farm during his sophomore year in high school.

Milan Company deals with the production of eggs, poultry, and saffron by connection of numerous farms throughout the nation. Milan Farm aims to ensure an honest option to customers. During raising of animals, they are transparent. They also use organic methods in growing their plants.

Kordestani believes that when it comes to choosing a product, a customer should know what they want. Every detail about a product should be provided without any secret. It should be done purely and honestly. The customers should be explained clearly on how the product has being raised. Milan Farm operates in that model.

In 2016 Milan farm logo and brand became a trademark company. It has expanded into three separate farms that distribute eggs to all parts of the West Coast. This includes saffron and Colorado.

Milan Farm offers quality products to its diversified customer base across the state. It focuses on providing the best for its clients. The Milan Farm has well designed customer service that ensures that the clients’ desires are met.


Meet Michael Burwell, The Experienced Transactions And Transformation CFO At Willis Watson Towers

With more than three decades working at consultancy firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), Michael Burwell brings a vast wealth of experience to Willis Towers Watson. In August 2017, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer, to take the place of the retiring Roger Milly who left office on October 2017. He spent 11 of the 31 years at PwC in assurance practice mostly working on business advisory.


Michael Burwell is a successful professional and became a partner in 1997, working with the firms Detroit transaction business. He led the venture into profits and was promoted to a higher leadership rank, taking the mantle of leading PwC central US transaction business. This was followed by more success, where Michael Burwell was the entire PwC’s U.S business Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer in 2009. He was helpful in the expansion of the firm’s internal shared transaction leading him being appointed Vice Chairman US Transaction Global and Transformation.


Michael Burwell attended Michigan State University earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In 2010, the university named him Alumnus of the year. Some of the areas Michael Burwell is skilled include internal controls, auditing, tax, mergers & acquisitions, financial analysis and US GAAP. Others include accounting, CPA, financial reporting, leadership, finance, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Willis Towers Watson, a worldwide insurance, advisory, and brokerage company will benefit from his experience especially in transaction services advisory, and pre-merger due diligence and valuation. His understanding, management, leadership and result-oriented approaches in complex global companies with a central focus on customers is vital at this time for Willis Towers Watson. This will propel the future goals and growth, as well as unfulfilled potential and remaining integration efforts. He expressed his gratitude for joining Willis Towers Watson airing his dedication towards strengthening leadership and committing to clients in an inclusive and collaborative culture in all his interactions.


It will be an excellent opportunity to employ Burwell’s expertise in their crucial intersections of ideas, talents, and assets in driving their business, and that of their clients. With operations in more than 140 nations and over 40,000 employees, Burwell is joining a familiar ground regarding the size, but this time is with helping companies overturn their risk into growth. His impact is likely to be profoundly felt as the company come up with designs that give solutions in risk management to maximize client’s profits, nurture talent, and increase capital power. These efforts by Willis Watson Towers are aimed at protecting and strengthening individuals and firms.


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Meet Ara Chackerian, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur as well as an investor

There are people in the society who have lived exemplary lives full of creativity, dedication and hard work until they have now become the talk of the day. One of these special people is Ara Chackerian who is the founder of the TMS healthcare solution which is a company that provides a solution with those people suffering from treatment resistant depression. Ara Chackerian is an investor, a philanthropist as well as a successful entrepreneur.

As an investor, Ara Chackerian has invested in a significant number of healthcare companies, for example, he is the managing director of the ASC Capital holdings, and he has invested in many companies concerned with the early stage healthcare services that are committed to improving the health conditions in the United States.


As an entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian has founded many companies one of them being the TMS health acre solution mentioned earlier. He had also had a long experience with his partner where they were working together to develop the outpatient facilities which was the reason they got the idea of TMS by the introduction of the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is a device providing solutions to the treatment resistant depressed patients.




He was also the founder of BMC diagnostics among other companies. As philanthropy, Ara Chackerian is interested in teaching others about the environmental conservation. He owns a farm in Limonapa Teak that focuses on the utilization of the best agricultural practices such as reforestation and also talks about environmental sustainability which means utilization of the natural resources in a way that they provide for the present generation as well as cater for the needs of the future generations.  You can visit for additional info.


He has also been supporting some companies and institutions that are focused on the youth development and education. He has a great passion for giving back to the community through the best ways he can. He gives advice and guidance to the youths, also the whole community on the issues concerning the environment among others.

Besides, Ara Chackerian is an educated person, and this is one of the factors that have contributed to being whom he is today. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. To see more you can visit



Unmasking the Amazing Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel native that is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and the Adam Gila Milstein Family Foundation is also founded by him. He is the managing partner who deals with all operations of Hager Pacific Properties and an author at the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). He is the chair of the board at the Israeli-American Council. In 1978, Adam graduated from the Technion with a degree in Business and Economics after serving during the Yom Kippur war in the IDF. He moved in search of greener pastures to the United States in 1981 where he got his MBA in Business from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein is a strong leader and a devoted humanitarian especially towards the Jewish community and more so the nation of Israel. He and his wife founded his organization in 2000, and it has helped many people since its formation. In his way of improving the Jews, Adam Milstein writes his thoughts and opinions on Jewish News Syndicate giving suggestions and recommendations of what should be done in certain situations. In his recent post, Adam Milstein talked of anti-Semitism has been growing radically especially with the increase in the number of radical how Muslims. He condemned North America and Europe for turning a blind eye on the unrealistic ideologies just because they have a universal hatred for the influence the western side has globally especially freedom of speech. Adam Milstein has accused the west of being self-interested for labeling Israel the cause of problems in the Middle East and oppressors of the Muslims yet they were the ones who caused havoc by oppressing women, bombing now and then among other injustices. He even quoted events and incidences where anti-Semitism was promoted yet nothing was done concerning it, but instead it was supported.

Adam Milstein continued to say that radical Muslims have only one goal in mind and that is to delegitimize the home of the Jewish people. The Radical Muslims are seeking to align themselves with the left so that they can destroy the western values which are the foundation values of Israel and America thus destroying any form of democracy Israel has.

Talos Energy Sees New Opportunities with Mexico Promising

As talks emerge about tariffs on steel and aluminum, there are concerns about the commitment that the United States has towards the NAFTA agreement. Even though President Trump has openly talked about adding tariffs to the industry, he recently tweeted that he may be reducing tariff rates for Canada and Mexico if they are willing to negotiate a new NAFTA deal.There have been talks about changes being made to the NAFTA agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are concerns that this may strain relations between these countries. The United States currently gets Its oil from both Canada and Mexico and sells natural gas and fuel back to them.

It is important to mention that Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil to the U.S.In the last decade, the U.S. has become one of the largest Natural Gas producers and has also become one of the largest oil producers. This is a result of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. At the same time, Canada and Mexico’s production of gas and oil have been declining in oil output.There is a long history between NAFTA, the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Mexico continues its progress in the energy sector and is looking to engage private investors.

Mexico has been prosperous in acquiring significant amounts of capital from other companies such as Talos Energy, and ENI.If changes do happen to the NAFTA agreement, Mexico may have to become dependent on its own resources for oil. However, there have been recent developments in Mexico which have introduced new opportunities for all three of the countries. Unfortunately, any changes made to the NAFTA agreement could cause problems for these new-found opportunities. Many of the experts believe the new arising opportunities will deter any alterations made to the NAFTA agreement and as a result will keep the three countries together as they have been in the past.

A Great Overview of Louis Chenevert

Former chief executive officer, president, and chairman of United Technologies Corporation, Louis R. Chenevert, served with utmost honesty and dedication until his retirement in 2014. He attained the rank of President and chief executive officer in 2008 and was later appointed as chairman in 2010. Previously, he served as president of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 until he joined United Technologies Corporation in 2006. Before he obtained a position at Pratt & Whitney, he worked at General Motors as the Production General Manager.

From 2015 to 2017, Chenevert served as a Senior Industry Advisor at the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. He is also a former member of the CEO Forum for USA and India. Since 2011, he has served on the Board of Directors of Cargill Incorporation. He acquired the chairman position at the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation in 2017 and currently serves in the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board as Chairman. In 2011, he attained an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal. He is the chairman and founding director of the Friends Board of Directors for HEC Montreal, as well as the chairman of its International Advisory Board.

After he got promoted as CEO of UTC, Chenevert managed to improve and sustain the company as it was a period of crisis for many companies. Interesting to note, as majority of other companies focused on cutting costs by moving their production to countries that would have them spending less, Louis moved their production to the United States of America. He reasoned that cheap labor would bring about cheap products, thus poor results, leading him to transfer the workers and engineers to the state of Connecticut where they would work together. The objective of this endeavor was to allow the best minds in the group to work together, solving the highlighted problems, and leading the rest of the team to achieve the desired goal. As much as this was not the most cost effective alternative, it was worth it as they were able to continue producing high quality products.

While at UTC, one of the achievements of Louis Chenevert that stood out was his ability to strike a deal with Goodrich Corporation. They were able to buy the company which they combined with a different property, resulting in the development of UTC aerospace systems. Through this endeavor, the United Technologies Corporation was able to achieve high market dominance throughout the globe.

The helpful benefits of drinking Waiakea alkaline water

The key to living a long and healthy life is by paying close attention to our bodies. Human body communicates in many ways. For instance, when waste accumulates in the body it will manifest in various ways such as tiredness, acne and various other health conditions. If these symptoms go unchecked, it can result in severe health problems. Experts argue that increased levels of acidity and waste products in the body result to the majority of the illnesses. Increased levels of acidity, also known as acidosis create a favorable environment for disease-causing micro-organisms to thrive.

Maintaining the balance

Fortunately, the Mother Nature has an answer to almost every problem. Some foods such as fresh green vegetables and certain fruits can help the body to maintain an appropriate pH balance. These foods are naturally alkaline and they enable the body to manufacture buffers that neutralize excess acidity in the body.

Besides vegetables, drinking alkaline water such as Waiakea water can help the body in maintaining an appropriate pH balance. Alkaline water contains various minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and potassium. These minerals are alkaline in nature and they help the water to attain an alkaline pH of around 8.8.

The source of alkaline water

Unlike the typical bottled water, alkaline water such as the Waiakea water is tapped from a natural source. Waiakea is tapped from the Hawaiian falls of Mauna Loa volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The area around this volcano receives heavy rainfall throughout the year, thus keeping the aquifers fresh throughout the year.

Volcanic water is endowed with essential minerals

Most of the volcanic mountains around the world are endowed with numerous minerals. Some of these minerals such as the silica, magnesium, zinc, and sodium play an important role in our bodies. As water flows over the rocks, it carries along these natural minerals, so there is no need of fortifying the water with minerals. The carbonates found in the volcanic rocks make the water soft and adds a unique taste to the volcanic alkaline water.

The overview

Waiakea natural alkaline water gives the individual more than enough reasons to take the recommended eight glasses of water per day. The Hawaiian volcanic water helps to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux. The minerals contained in the water also help in detoxifying the body and maintaining an appropriate pH balance in the body.

David Zalik Continues to Grow GreenSky Credit

Owning a home is one of the best ways that the average person can build long-term wealth. When people are looking to improve their home, one great option would be to consider a home renovation or addition. If you are looking to build onto your home, you may find that it is difficult to get financing from a traditional letter. However, there is one online lender that is making it much more convenient and easy to complete your major home renovation projects.

GreenSky Credit is it growing organization  that currently provides online loans to people who are looking to complete major remodels, renovations, expansions, and repairs to their homes. This company is able to provide a unique financing solution that can be applied for online. Over the past few years, the company has continued to grow and is now one of the leaders when it comes to online lending to the residential real estate industry.

Ever since the company was founded, GreenSky Credit has been run and managed by its CEO David Zalik, who has a unique background that is giving him a good perspective for growing the company. David Zalik saw a strong opportunity to provide capital to a current under-served market. Many people that would like to improve their homes do not have the personal capital and cash necessary to do so. Through the services provided by GreenSky Credit, it is now possible for the average consumer to obtain some form of credit.

Now that GreenSky Credit is continuing to grow and flourish, David Zalik is looking for new ways to grow the firm. David Zalik is reportedly working with investment bankers to build out a new IPO that could be used to take the company public. Doing this would be an amazing feat for the growing firm as it will give them access to more capital than ever before. This could provide the company with billions of dollars needed to lend to more borrowers than ever before. It could also help the company receive a reduced cost of capital, which could then help them offer lower rates to customers.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Knows Luxury and Comfort

As the technology has improved, non-invasive medical cosmetic procedures have been getting more and popular among everyday people instead of just celebrities. Like everything else in today’s world, people are looking for convenience and Dr. Mark Mckenna thinks his new company OVME can provide the world exactly that when it comes to aesthetic procedures like Botox and laser hair removal treatments. While the concept of a spa-like experience for cosmetic procedures isn’t a completely new experience, Dr. Mark Mckenna’s combination of luxury, technology, and convenience makes OVME a completely unique company that will change the way many people view getting cosmetic procedures.

The reason why OVME is so unique is that the technology being used to connect licensed medical practitioners with the patients who would like their services. This is being implemented in an eventual app that will allow patients to schedule appointments, message the doctor, and even video chat with the practitioners that they are interested in hiring to complete their cosmetic procedures/ Instead of having to drive all the way to the office of OVME’s freelance medical practitioners, patients will be able to consult with them in the comfort of their own homes and office. According to Dr. Mark Mckenna with OVME, patients have the ability to request house calls in order to make the process as convenient and comfortable as possible. Clients can even request that their medical practitioner come to their office if that will fit into their schedule easier.

Over the past several years, Dr. Mark Mckenna has seen a lot of success in his business ventures and OVME appears to be going great. OVME was first created in 2017 and recently opened up their first retail location in the Spring of 2018. The location opened in the Buckhead area of the city of Atlanta has 4 different procedure rooms, a private consultation room, as well as a serene waiting room where patients can relax and shop. Each room is designed to ensure that each patient has a comfortable and luxurious experience that will keep them coming back.

Success On Upwork Defined By Your Efficiency

What makes a good to-do list? One that allows you to get work done and focus on the task at hand instead of the tasks you have yet to complete? If you’re working with clients on Upwork, this could make or break your success.

A list like this would include everything you need to get done, and not just, so you get them done, but also to help clear your mind. That way, when you are sitting down to get a task done, you’re not focused on what you haven’t gotten done because it’s already down on paper, sort of speak.

Those more significant tasks, don’t simply add them to your list, break them apart. This will make them more manageable as well. Most importantly, you want to compose your list the night before, not the morning of. This will keep you productive and maybe even help you sleep more soundly.

Everything on your list, your mind is clearer, what’s next?

Go through and label each task with essential details like due dates, when you will start them, or estimations of how long it will take you to complete them. Easy stuff, but having these down on paper will help you to gauge progress. Better yet, when you go to re-evaluate, you can also better prioritize and re-organize your list as needed.

Speaking of prioritizing, having these labels will also help in being more efficient by allowing you to batch process. Let’s say you see you have one or two notable phone calls in the morning to make, well, why not make all the phone calls you have, one after the other. That way you can spend that time later on completing something else on your list. Knowing how much time it’ll take you to do specific tasks will also help you to better batch process, and knock off those little bits one by one.

It’s a good idea to have a list that works for you. With Upwork you have access to over $1 billion in jobs, and there’s no doubt you should do everything in your power to be efficient, starting with your to-do list.

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