George Soros – An Amazing Man who Has Lived an Amazing Life

George Soros is a financial wizard, and has made his mark on the world. Soros has an interesting take on life, society, and history. Having escaped the cruelty of the Nazis in his lifetime gives him a unique perspective. He sees oppression springing from the need to push the philosophy of ultimate truth.

Since so-called ultimate truth is beyond mankind’s reach, societies can only push these ideologies by resorting to oppression. People have different views, and in an open society, it is the role of certain institutions to work to help people to live together in peace.

He also believes he has an answer to why no one has access to the ultimate truth. The reason being is that our own perceptions form our individual realities. They also affect the events that we all choose to participate in. Thus, no two people will come to terms with an absolute definition of truth. Their truth is always subject to change. Learn more about his profile at

In an article by Politico in 2016, Politico describes the emergence of Soros as an advocate for Democratic Party principles. As a result, he has donated millions to nonprofits and organizations like the American Bridge 21st Century, and to a host of Democratic Party committees. He has also donated to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters, which hopes to increase voter turnout among Latinos.

Today, Soros believes that democracy is in a crisis. His belief is that the world’s greatest democracy, the United States, elected an administration that may affect the nation’s ability to positively influence democracy initiatives around the world. The weakening of the country will result from a philosophy that wants to make deals rather than defend principles.

George Soros heads up Soros Fund Management. His firm invests in fixed income and public equity markets across the world. He also looks to invest in start-ups and build-ups. Soros Fund Management is based in New York, New York. Not many people could survive what Soros has lived through. His philanthropic and business activities are the result of having lived through one of the most horrific periods in the history of the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Avaaz Uses Their Voice To Help Refugees And Reunites Families

There has not been a refugee crisis of current proportions since World War II. As millions of families run from misery and war political leaders and governments are deliberately looking the other way. Members of Avaaz from all over the world took action, funded projects by land and sea, and donated almost a million dollars to help the refugees. Their donation funded missions to save lives, helped refugees survive the harshness of the winter, and called for human policies. Thousands of Avaaz members even took refugees into the care of their homes.

The efforts of Avaaz began in 2013 when they helped the refugees in Lebanon. They challenged governments to save the children in Syria who had no means of getting an education with a $1 million donation. Their donation was matched a hundred to one by the governments and Avaaz was called magnificent. In 2015 there were a staggering number of refugees struggling to get to Europe on sea voyages that were often deadly. Avaaz raised $500,000 and supported a private rescue operation that was the most effective anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Avaaz sent critical supplies to the Greek islands because the refugees were coming and had nothing. They reunited refugees with their children in the United Kingdom and made families whole again. When the world was staggering from the death of a Syrian toddler named Alan Kurdi, Avaaz began working with his aunt and their petition for a human policy for refugees gathered 1.2 million signatures. The policy was in honor of the little boy and Avaaz made headline all over the world. Avaaz will never stop because they will always use their voice to fight for humanity. They will be there when tragedy strikes to offer aid. They will be heard and they will make a difference.

JHSF Continues to Thrive and Grow under the Visionary and Strategic Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

The Brazilian real estate industry has experienced some significant changes in the last few decades. Many of these changes have been inspired by the giant developer, JHSF Participacoes S.A. One of the biggest real estate companies in the country, it is based in Sao Paulo but also has offices in the Brazilian cities of Manaus and Salvador. Innovation is that center of all the company’s undertakings and has greatly propelled its growth since its formation in 1972.

A great deal of JHSF’s success stems from the company’s retail and shopping mall businesses. The company has developed and actively manages six malls that it has developed. Some of its bigger malls include Shopping Ponta Negra in Manaus, Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo and Shopping Bela Vista found in Salvador. Owing to their malls’ great popularity, JHSF saw the opportunity to generate more income by also becoming a retailer. Consequently, through exclusive partnership agreements, the company has been able to open a number of flagship stores for international fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo and Pucci. Click here to know more.

Since 2016 the company has been developing the first privately-owned executive airport in the country. Located in Sao Paulo, the airport is envisioned to serve the business travelers entering and leaving the country.

JHSF is a publicly traded company. It had a successful IPO launch in 2007 and is today listed on Sao Paulo’s Novo Mercado stock exchange.

More on Jose Auriemo Neto

Mr. Neto is the current Chairman of JHSF, a position he has held since June 2011. Additionally, he also serves as the organization’s chief executive officer between 2003 and 2016. The real estate executive is a graduate of Sao Paulo-based Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University. The son of JHSF’s former President, Fabio Auriemo, and first joined the organization in 1993. In the period that he was JHSF’s CEO, he launched the company’s retail and airport business. Before becoming the CEO, he was also among the chief architects of the company’s shopping center and services departments.

Despite his busy schedule, M. Neto spends a lot of time with his family. The husband and father of three even travels with his family on long-term work assignments.

Career and Professional Life of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a very dedicated person in the private equity sector. He specializes in identifying particular issues that emerge in the healthcare industry. Private equity firms get their profit from supplying capital, information, and network to the clients. He is the founder and also the CEO of Foresite Capital. He has other leading companies such as GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare practices.

Jim Tananbaum answered a couple of questions about the Foresite capital during an interview with Ideamench. Jim Tananbaum talked about his company. He said that he has been a dedicated entrepreneur for more than twenty-five years. He added that it took a lot of effort to start the enterprise. He laid out important factors that led to the successful innovation. The factors include patience and hardworking. He also pointed out that the health sector requires an enormous amount of the capital and time. It also requires information and network in order to reach the target clients. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Jim Tananbaum also said that he spends most of the day receiving calls and meeting other members of his team. What excites Jim Tananbaum according to the interview is the innovation of science to address the needs of the customers in the healthcare industry. Jim studied Electrical Engineering, Maths and Computer Science at Yale. Jim was passionate about computer science and the healthcare sector since he was in high school. He has worked with many academicians in his life. This has helped him to build his career. Jim is still passionate about innovating many insights in the healthcare sector. He intends to use the skills in computer engineering to achieve this.

Jim Tananbaum has been mentioned among the leading investors across the world by Forbes. He has also developed good working relationship with his team that has contributed a lot to the success of his companies. Jim has achieved very many goals. He has an MBA and an MD from Harvard University. The main thing that has enabled Jim to achieve most of the activities is that he makes friends who support him in whatever he does. Visit the website:

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Successful Journey Career of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is a professional coach who has made a reputation for himself in the basketball industry. He went to Cornell in the year 2006 and attained Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He as well got Master’s Degree in Adult Higher Education in the year 2010 with the importance on Intercollegiate Athletic Administration at Oklahoma.

Furthermore, he coached and also been an assistant coach at different prominent schools. Some of the places that he was an assistant coach include Cornell University, Oklahoma, Harvard, Alma Mater, and Vanderbilt and currently coaching at Nevada Wolf Pack. His exceptional skills as a recruiter are that he does not take no for are an answer and also he knows a promising basket player when he sees one hence he is a great salesman.

Yanni Hufnagel current coaching at Nevada Wolf Pack has shown that he has established a prosperous career with his assistant coach Eric Musselman in the industry of basketball. Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year-old Jewish young man that came from Scarsdale. When he was a kid he used to study books that were written about coaching every time while using basketball figurines to incorporate the plays explained in the books.

During the first year at Cornell University, he was a basketball manager but he later attained the opportunity for a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets. Finally, after he graduated he got opportunity to be part of coach among the Net colleagues hence it led him to talk with old boss in Oklahoma and was finally offered the position as a graduate assistant coach.

Due to the accomplishment of Yanni Hufnagel, he was recommended to the head coach of Havard with coach Capel and was employed as an unpaid assistant coach. But he, later on, got the job full time and he was able to recruit new players.


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Omar Yunes – Well-Established Entrepreneur in the Food Industry of Mexico

Making it big in the food industry is never easy due to the massive competition. There are numerous choices that people have these days when it comes to where to eat and what to eat. Winning over all the choices that people have these days and running a restaurant successfully is a great achievement. Omar Yunes, one of the most successful restaurateurs in Mexico, started and managed a fast food joint successfully when he was only 21 years old. At that time, Sushi Itto, a Japanese fusion food brand started spreading in Mexico, and Omar Yunes realized it is a great opportunity to get started in the food industry; he was so passionate about from the very young age.


After opening the first Sushi Itto joint at the age of 21, he continued opening one after the other, and today proudly owns 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto. All of his 13 franchise units are highly successful and profitable, and it is because of this reason he also won the Best Franchisee of the World Competition in 2015. It is one of the most challenging competitions in the food industry, where franchisees from across the globe participate. There are many other big brands and names in the food industry that participates in this competition, but Omar Yunes surpassed them all to emerge victoriously. When taking the award from the organizers at the award ceremony held in Florence, Italy, he mentioned his 400 employees and gave them credit for making it possible.


Omar Yunes has a firm grip on the food industry and understands the industry well. He believes that it is essential for any restaurant owner to keep the employees motivated. No matter how big the franchise brand is, it all boils down to the kind of food the particular joint serves and how polite and courteous the employees are. Omar Yunes keeps his employees motivated by paying them well and ensuring that there is a system in place that enables the employees to communicate with him without any hindrance. It helps Omar to keep track of any loopholes in the business and take corrective measures at the right time.

Cassio Audi Transitions from Music to Investment Career

Cassio Audi has become a very successful person in the business world, but he was not always a part of the business administration and financial industry. Before Casio Audi created a life as a business professional he was providing his skills as a drummer to a band called Viper. This is where a lot of people may know of Cassio. He played on an album that received stellar reviews from critics with different music publications and fans. Casio was highly regarded for his ability to play as a drummer and also write music.

This would be a career that Casio Audi loved, but he would not stay with this band outside the eighties. He would appear as a writer on three of the albums before breaking away from his band to pursue other dreams. He will leave his rock band life and go on to earn in MBA for another passion in the world of business. This is where he would find a lot of interest in things like financial industry.

Casio Audi had a lot of interest in building a better career for himself in the world of business. He was a prolific songwriter that received a lot of praise for the music that he created, but he felt that he would be much better suited for a business world, and that is what led to a departure from the music. Many people are still Googling and discovering Casio Audi as a musician for the first time as his music comes through on different apps like Google Play and iTunes. He may have moved away from this world, but the music that he created appears to live on. New fans are still discovering his musicianship, and many are dazzled by the fact that he has been able to transition.

A Look At Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Goal To Help Sleep Apnea Sufferers

AviWeisfogel is a person who trained as a dentist and lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He had his own dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, since January 1999 and managed it for over 15 years. Dr. AviWeisfogel earned his Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He earned his DDS Dentistry degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel also founded and operates Dental Sleep Masters where he teaches seminars about how to treat sleep disorders with a focus on sleep apnea.

While he had his practice Dr. Weisfogel won Best Dentist from his community in a number of different years. While running his practice he researched how dentists could help people who are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea serious disorder where people that suffer from it will stop breathing at night, sometimes for extended periods of time. This causes a lack of oxygen to the body and brain which can result in stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and death. It also leads to numerous accidents, especially involving a car, as people who suffer from sleep apnea tend to be drowsy and not as alert as they should be. His goal with Dental Sleep Masters is to help dentists learn how to treat sleep apnea through prescribing oral appliances that the patient can use at night which helps treat this disorder.

In an interview with ideamensch Dr. Weisfogel says he came up with the idea of Dental Sleep Masters through his interest in sleep disorders and realizing that it was a niche in the world of dentistry that wasn’t being fulfilled. He actually wasn’t sorry to leave his dental practice as he eventually discovered it wasn’t something that he was passionate about. He doesn’t regret starting out in dentistry but he is much more fulfilled in spreading the word about how dentists can help with sleep apnea than working as a dentist himself.

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Highland Capital Management Develop Solutions for its Investors, not Products

Highland Capital is an investment management firm focused on managing structured investment, distressed investment, and hedge funds. The company has interests in international fixed income, public equity, and hedge markets. It is more specifically focused on structured products, and high yield bonds. The company was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In 2014, the company had an accumulation of over $18.7 billion of assets under its management. It has a diversified client base which includes public pension plans, governments, financial institutions, corporations, etc. It also has its presence in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and New York.

The company has been in existence for over 20 years, and throughout, it has been able to refine its practice with increased accuracy and experience. Highland Capital Management investment approach mainly focuses on ensuring consistency of its high returns. It relies on time-tested and proven principles of investment. The company maximizes on strategies and assets that it perceives to be profitable or can add significant value to investors through offering exceptional skills and expertise to the investment process. The investment team is composed of focused and active research professionals who have over ten years’ experience in the field. The company is also community oriented and has invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources in the communities where their employees live and work. It gives financial donations to both NGO’s and local communities.

Today, the company offers a broad range of products for both institutional investors. Since its initiation, 20 years ago, the company has rapidly expanded, and it now has a team of over 180 employees spread across the globe. It also boasts of having diversified clients’ base that has confidently invested massive amounts of funds in its products. The company is determined to continue offering alpha products and to keep its record of investment. The two co-founders apply proactive management approach to increase and expand the business. They highly rely on checks and balances to effectively mitigate risks and volatility. Additionally, the company upholds a high level of transparency and independency to increase confidence in investors.

For more information follow Highland Capital on Twitter.

White Shark Media Review: Taking Marketing To New Heights

White Shark Media is one of the top performing Digital Marketing Agencies in the industry. The White Shark Media Blog details their their focus on finding marketing solution on the internet for medium and small sized businesses. They have an impressive reputation because they are dedicated to providing their clients with fair and affordable pricing, while still delivering excellence customer service and results that show. Thanks to this hard work, they are one of the most notable marketing agencies in North America and they continue to grow every year. White Shark Media is devoted to helping businesses find success by providing them with exclusive online marketing tips and access tot heir proprietary marketing information. They use a combination of online systems like Google Analytics, proprietary software, and call tracking in order to monitor their progress and determine what the best ways to help the business is.

White Shark Media provides customer comments on their website and the ways in which they have helped their clients is truly impressive. Reviewers found White Shark Media to use to latest and most innovate technology in order to find success in their company. They are always on the lookout for technological advances because that is the future of digital marketing. White Shark Media was also recommended for anyone who is looking to advertise because they are able to determine the best places to promote their clients’ companies. They also receive excellent comments on their customer service because they always put the needs of their clients first. Their main priority is to help them succeed. One company in Hawaii found that White Shark Media was always available to hear their concerns and they acted on them quickly to provide a solution. White Shark Media allowed them to improve their website, gain more customers, and make more money right away. A tractor company from Texas was pleased with their service and found that they were spending less on marketing with White Shark Media, and making more money from all the new business that they encouraged their way. These reviews showcase that White Shark Media is completely dedicated to their clients.