Sheldon Lavin, International Business Done Right

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive officer of OSI group, LLC. He is a well known name in the industry of food processing and is also serving as President of OSI International Foods Ltd. He remains aware and highly influential in this institution’s activities and day to day operations. He has been heavily involved in the meat and food processing industry for over 45 years as he first became a part of it in 1970. His ventures began when he made the decision to be a top financier for Otto & Sons, which would later go on to become the well known and admired OSI group. With the help of Sheldon Lavin’s supervision and guidance, the company rapidly expanded and went from a basic processing company to a globally operating meat and food processing industry giant.

Due to his outstanding leadership skills and innovative thinking, the company has grown into over sixty separate locations within sixty distinct countries. India based, Vision World Academy, presented him with the Global Visionary Award for his ability to bring jobs throughout the globe, with his extensive and impressive global expansion strategies. Sheldon Lavin was given this noble award on February 20, 2016 and has since continued to be a key player in the fight to expand job growth across nations. He dedicated his career and life, to assisting the OSI Group in becoming the globally recognized corporate giant in the industry of meat and food processing. He has made it his goal to provide each employee of the OSI Group with the welfare and assistance they need to build both the company and their own personal lives.

Lavin not only has helped his company expand internationally, he has also facilitated the necessary supervision and provisions to help them receive other admirable awards regarding the environment and is ability to be sustained. He has fought to make sure that his runners up will also hold to these standards and practices in order to ensure the corporation remains environmentally aware and responsive. Sheldon Lavin hopes to be a role model for future leaders in the corporate world, by providing them with an example of how to run your their corporate entities with responsibility and consciousness. He urges the men and women of the future to continue to uphold the standards he has for his company, in order to better assist in the growth and development of international commerce and employment opportunity.

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Therapy through mobile app and website- Talkspace

Talkspace Meet our client is a therapy session which therapists who are considered to be as unique as their clients meet them to solve their issues. Talkspace have professionals who provide intimate sessions and help to their customers. The therapists take their duties seriously to make sure their clients are comfortable. Recently some of the therapists who work for Talkspace were interviewed one of them being Alicia Winkle. Ms. Alicia Winkle has more than two years of experience serving at Talkspace. She comes from Alabama. Alicia is a licensed counselor who has been serving as a therapist for over 5 years now. When Ms. Winkle was asked why she chose to work as a therapist, she said since she was young she has always wanted to work in a field where she was would extend a helping a hand to others.

During the interview, Alicia Winkle said that being a counselor was one of her best decisions in life. When she joined college she was studying nursing but due to anxiety issues, she had to drop the course and reconsider studying counseling. Alicia graduated from the University of North Alabama where she earned her Master’s in Community Counseling. Asked how he began working for Talkspace, she said that she was given the link by her boss and being passionate about people she gave a try. She is grateful that through Talkspace she has been able to help people regain their mental health.

Talkspace can well be described as an online therapy organization with its Headquarters in New York City. The firm which has the responsibility of providing therapy and counseling services through mobile app was founded in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank. Talkspace has access to licensed therapist through mobile app or website using Android and iOS. Talkspace is a unique organization which has been providing psychological support to clients in the comfort of their homes. Ever since their foundation the firm has grown and over 500000 customers.

How ClassDojo is Revolutionizing Education

The global education sector is fast changing and many people are opting for online learning as opposed to regular physical classroom attendance. Today, you can easily enroll in an online educational program from the comfort of your home. ClassDojo is an important online educational app that is transforming the education sector around the globe.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom communication application that connects students, teachers, and parents who want to share messages, photos or videos on their learning experience. The app allows its members to work as a family and get to exchange educational related ideas and experiences. Over its years in the online platform, the app brand has achieved great educational milestones and here are the merits:

  1. Provision of a Classroom Like Learning Platform

The mission of the brand is to avail tutors and students the freedom to enjoy learning in the most convenient way. The platform allows teachers and students to connect on a daily learning basis. This has helped to transform many who are enrolled in the program.

  1. Diversity and Growth

The ClassDojo app is used in more than 180 countries worldwide. There are translational programs in over 35 languages considered. This gets to focus on individuals from most countries. The brand focuses on providing and delivering holistic educational experience to every interested person irrespective of where they are.

  1. Positive Educational Culture

With millions using the app, ClassDojo is very effective in providing knowledge awareness to all members of the society. Young and old, black and white, all get to grow in knowledge by using ClassDojo. The interaction between students and teachers is very healthy for both parties.


Overall, ClassDojo is a market setter and true driver in online education. The app provides a great learning opportunity to everyone interested and ready to learn. There is so much you can learn by using this app and you should enroll in the program today.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness

The National Football League Alumni, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LapCorp are joining forces in an effort to spread awareness of prostate cancer. From September 1st- October 15th they are offering free screenings to the first 2000 men eligible. The remainder could still be seen for only $25, as long as they sign up within the time frame. The men were required to have the screening completed within 6 months of their sign-up date.
Prostate cancer isn’t something to procrastinate with. Men should get checked at 40, especially is they have a high risk. 1 in 7 men are predicted to get prostate cancer, with African-American men having a 70% greater chance.

Prostate Pep Talk will have several speakers talk about their experiences with prostate cancer as part of their campaign. NFL coaches such as Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher, some NFL players, and Chief of Radiation Oncology Sean Cavanaugh, will be among them. Early screening provides the best defense against prostate cancer and the people behind this campaign want to stress that message.
The campaign will be setting up additional events within cities housing a Cancer Treatment Centers of American hospital. Those cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa.
Founded in 1988 Cancer Treatment Centers of America specializes in all forms of cancer. All of their facilities employ cancer experts to utilize their leading treatment technologies, including surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. The centers also offer support therapies that have been shown to help manage cancer side effects.
The CTCA’s goal is to treat the whole individual. The striving of this goal can be seen in their ratings from patients (highly satisfactory) and their accreditation. CTCA has earned awards from prestigious organizations such as the NABPC, the Joint Commission, and American College of Radiology, to name a few.

Dr. Siegall of the Seatle Genetics Releases New Treatment

Dr. Siegall who co-founded the Seattle Genetics is the presiding Chief Executive Officer and the current president of the same company. The Seatle Genetics was founded in the year 1998 and under the leadership of Dr. Siegall the company has come up with chains of cancer therapies based on the antibody. ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) is among the therapies that Seattle Genetics built and has gained accelerated approval by the Food and Drug Administration FDA in the SU since 2011.

Dr. Siegall has conducted fundraising activities for the company securing an amount reaching $675 million from the public and private sectors and the company’s initial offering. Dr. Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute up to 1997, National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health till 1991. Dr. Siegall is also in the Aider Biopharmaceuticals a private biotechnology company, working as a member of the board of directors. Besides his career, he is an author of many publications and in addition to it holds 15 patents. Dr. Siegall holds a bachelors degree in zoology and a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University of Maryland.

The Seattle Genetics has a recent ongoing research and has presented information at the AACR Annual Meeting on immunogenic cell death. The research incorporates two clinical trials and also involves the collaboration with nivolumab. Seatle Genetics collaborates with the Bristol Myers Squibb in the research. The development of the combined modalities speaks of the future treatment to be applied in oncology, and Seattle Genetics is a proud member of it.

Dr. Siegall expresses his pride in the recent product pipelines that are two in total: SGN-CD33A and SGN-CD19A. SGN-CD33A is a newly developed treatment that is focused on targeting the CD33 antibody that is usually found in all types myeloid leukemia cell. Targeted at treating acute myeloid leukemia.SGN-CD19A ADC targets the CD19 that is expressed in B-cell malignancies. SGN-CD19A is made up of an antibody that is linked a cell-killing agent. It is designed to be neutral when in the bloodstream and when it reaches the CD19A expressing tumors, it releases the cytotoxics.

The History of Privatization in Brazil and Its Future as Described by Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil has come a long way in terms of its infrastructural development. Before the advent of privatization of infrastructure in the 20th century, the country was well known for its strong association with the state. However, because of accumulated debt and an under-performing economy, Brazil was forced to change its infrastructural developments towards attaining modernization and boosting the economy.

Felipe Montoro Jens states that the history of privatization of infrastructure can be traced back to the 20th century, particularly in the late 1980s where the concept gained prominence. This period was marked by the state owning businesses and expanding continually.

By April 1990, the National Privatization Program was developed. Privatizations became more common, they were seen as the gateways through which the government could revamp its economic sectors. Some of the industries targeted for industrialization included Petrochemical, aeronautical and steel industries. Soon after, the Concessions law was passed in 1995.

This law allowed the government to name some industries as priority privatizations such as transportation and telecommunications industries. In 2004, the government approved the Public Private Partnerships Act (PPPs) with the telecommunications sector. Soon after, in 2008, the General Concession Plan was established, followed by the plan to universalize the Country’s Fixed Telephone service in 2011.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a man of many qualities among them being leadership and management. He has held executive positions at several companies including AC Energia SA and Concesionaria Travase Olmos. He is also a principal professional in companies like H2olmos and Maranon Energia SA. He is also a director at Foz do Brasil SA and San Antonio Energia SA.

Felipe Montoro holds an undergraduate degree from the Getulio Vargus Foundation in Brazil and a Bachelor’s degree on International management from the prestigious Thunderbird school of Global Management. He was also among the speakers during the 2011 world economic forum about Latin America which focused on investment in infrastructural projects.

Sentient AI For E-commerce Personalization

The new Artificial Intelligence is literally on every corner of the globe. Haven’t you heard about it? Well, it is time you learn about it. AI is mainly related to science fiction and robotics. However, it goes beyond and almost everything utilizing the recent technology makes use of AI, for instance, security checks at the airport, cash registers, among other sensitive areas. E-commerce has not lagged behind in adoption of this new technology. The utilization of online platforms for various business purposes is gaining popularity. However, some companies have opted to take their platform a notch higher by incorporating AI into their operations.


How does my business gain a competitive edge over other competitors already using e-commerce? One clear way of achieving success in business is to have the upper hand over your rivals. This is made possible by making use of AI. Many businesses are setting themselves apart by employing a different approach that provides a personal touch of in-store shopping and improved accessibility of online portals.


Artificial Intelligence offers e-commerce personalization experiences. It highly enables sites with e-commerce to deliver commodities that uniquely suit the needs of prospective buyers. Also, it allows shoppers to search for products while using images or conversational language just like in a face to face transaction. Besides, consumers can also make tailored recommendations on the commodities they require. In turn, the technology has simplified the customer experience since consumers can interact more by using mobile applications and websites.


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for e-commerce personalization adds value to retailers. Studies conducted by Boston Consulting Group show that retailers who have embraced and implemented these strategies have witnessed sales gains that fall between 6% and 10%, a rate that is thrice that of other retailers. Moreover, adopting AI could result in an increase in profit for both the retail and wholesale sector.


Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce has been used to address challenges previously faced by many businesses. It provides for modern flexible data storage and eliminates organizational barriers that hinder e-commerce. This way, business runs effectively and efficiently without hitches. Besides, Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce helps in retargeting prospective customers. Marketing conducted by sales staff is not always effective, and this makes potential buyers are lost along the way. Fortunately, making use of AI ensures that these cracks are adequately covered to enhance your business’ sales cycle.


AI aims at developing and improving business operations. Therefore, it is prudent to adopt the technology for your e-commerce because it brings a complete overhaul of the sales process. More importantly, it enables you to respond to consumer impulses that are vital in satisfying their unique needs.

Lime Crime Puts Out Fun New Palettes

There are times when a brand will release a product that catches the eye of the public right away because of its fun design. That is just what Lime Crime has done with their new eyeshadow palettes. Lime Crime is a brand that is always focused on bright colors and fun designs, and they have done well with the palettes that they have recently put out. The new pocket-sized palettes from Lime Crime each hold five shadows. The shadows play well together on the eyes, and they help the one who uses them create a beautiful look.

The Pocket Candy Palettes from Lime Crime feature shadows inside of them that are buttery and smooth. The eyeshadow that is part of the new palettes is something that is easy to blend out, and it is something that can be enjoyed by people of all makeup skill levels. Lime Crime has done well with the formula that they have used for the eyeshadows in their new palettes, and they have created fun mixes of colors that look great on all kinds of people and that work well for all types of situations.

Lime Crime is a brand that focuses on creating quality and fun products, and they have done that with the Pocket Candy Palettes. This brand is one that makes products that work well as gifts, and the new palettes that they have put out are a great gift option. Lime Crime is always doing something fun and different, and they are a brand to be watched.

David Mcdonald Explains the Importance of Being Local for OSI Group

David Mcdonald, the Chief Executive of OSI Group, confirms that the firm has greatly benefited from being local in every country or locality where it has the presence. He thinks that every global company should try to be local considering they cannot create an operational procedure of one-size-fits-all. Mcdonald confirms that cultural differences, government regulations, talent pool, and more can change the way a company operates in a particular country. When it comes to the food industry, it gets an addition of the consumers’ taste buds. Mcdonald says that OSI Group has positioned well in the global market with plants, people, and offices around the world.

He continued that while the firm looks for global scalability, it also gives equal importance to local tastes and cultures. As one of the largest suppliers of protein, OSI Group has a number of product series and at least 50 plants in 17 countries. The firm has a significant presence in China, and it utilized the opportunities given by the growing economy of China. Interestingly, the Group is the largest poultry producer in the country with eight factories and two new facilities. Mcdonald confirms that China is one of the real focus of the Group as it is going to be the biggest consumer market in the world.

OSI Group is on a rampant expansion mode, and it added many plants and offices around the world in the recent years. Mcdonald confirms that regardless of the number of plants or offices, the firm wants to grow, and the leadership of the company is pushing it to grow to become more significant and provide more to its varied customers. He says that the vast customers of OSI Group have diverse requirements, but all of them keep quality as the most important factor. Mcdonald continued that OSI engages with its customers early and understand their requirements including possible solutions to serve them better.

David Mcdonald has nearly 30 years of experience in food supplier industry and all with OSI Group. He joined OSI in the year 1987 and oversaw the company’s strategies and expansion plans. Mcdonald helped the firm to complete many successful acquisitions around the globe that was crucial to the expansion plans of the company. Also, Mcdonald is serving as the board member and President of the OSI Group. Currently, Mcdonald serves as the Chairman of the reputed North American Meat Institute. Before starting his career, he earned his graduation in Animal Science from the Iowa State University.

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Dr. Clay Siegall’s Biotech Company, Seattle Genetics, Creates ADCs to Treat Cancer

Mike Munter, founder of Inspirey, a website that publishes the stories of entrepreneurs all over the world, recently published an interview with Seattle Genetics co-founder, Dr. Clay Siegall. The Interview titled, “Dr. Clay Siegall—CEO, Seattle Genetics” discusses the leader in targeted drug treatment and his succeses.

Munter found that Siegall was inspired to go into business after recognizing how harsh the current cancer patient treatments were. The harsh surgeries and consequences of chemotherapy, which could drive patients into such dire states of anemia that they almost died, prompted Siegall to create Seattle Genetics. When he studied zoology at the University of Maryland, he became fascinated with the ability of technology to intervene and overcome disease. After watching his own father go through treatment, he decided he needed to create a paradigm shift away from systemic chemotherapy.

He also recognized that he needed more autonomy than what he had under Bristol. Despite being a senior researcher, he would not see the benefits of the patents, even when they gained more than $80 million in profit.

After that, he created Seattle Genetics, a biotech company dedicated to change cancer treatment with targeted drug therapy. They specialize in ADCs, or antibody drug conjugates, which target cells with monoclonal antibody and linker systems that integrate cell-killing agents. This cancer treatment is the first FDA approved ADC that is approved for three indications. Despite the risk of getting drugs FDA approved, which is an arduous and expensive process, Seattle Genetics was able to earn substantial revenues once their drug was approved.

Dr. Clay Seagall became increasingly interested in helping cancer patients after watching his father’s cancer progression when he was a young adult. He saw the limited treatment tools as his father was being treated and went back to school with the drive to improve the treatment. He graduated with a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University and quickly worked his way through esteemed companies like the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and is currently the President and CEO. The company seeks to improve cancer treatment with the use of ACDs, or antibody-drug conjugates. The advanced technology has been approved in 65 countries with the product ADCETRIS, a medicine used to treat large cell lymphoma.