Andy Wirth Faces Injury With Enormous Grace

The outdoors are very much a place where adults can enjoy themselves. Skiing down a mountain, exploring a cave or diving in clear warm waters are a great way to get exercise and connect with nature at the same time. However, while such exercises are fun and enjoyable, they can also be extremely dangerous. This is something that Andy Wirth, one of the world’s most important and powerful skiing resort executives, knows all too well. His recent accident has helped him make sense of life and embrace it even more fiercely. Despite a skydiving accident, he remains fully aware of the world of outdoor sports and even more determined to come back to it. His confidence remains as high as ever as he pushes his own body to do more.

In The Air

The change caught him by surprise and led him to land where he did not want to be, causing him tremendous injuries. His immediate concern was for his arm as appeared to be in terrible shape after he landed in a vineyard and caught in up some vines there. He was able to tap into both physical and mental strengths in order to cope with this particular ordeal. It was his own desire to come back to the kind of active life that he loves that enabled him to overcome his dreadful injuries.

The Road to Recovery

It was this time time reflect that made him realize that he wanted to return to an active life even more. He knows that it is important to be part of an outdoor life as part of his work with the Alpine Meadows Squaw Valley area. Since then, he has been able to concentrate on his recovery and get back on the slopes. He is hopeful that his ordeal has offered him the opportunity to reflect on what is important in his life and his career.

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