Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is a leading finance executive and entrepreneur. He is the co founder and president of the leading investment firm Highland Capital Management. His firm specializes in providing collateralized loan obligations and managing a number of debt backed securities. Over the years, James has established himself as one of the top professionals and experts in the field of finance. Prior to starting up his own investment firm, Dondero worked in the finance industry for a number of years. He first worked as a credit analyst and then eventually became the chief investment officer of an investment firm. As well as being very active in the finance industry, James Dondero spends a lot of his time contributing to a number of charitable causes.

At the beginning of his career, James worked at an investment firm where he would hold the position as credit analyst/investor. At this position, James would go over a number of debt backed securities and find ones that will most benefit his firm. He would also make sure that the credit securities the firm invested in were providing the necessary returns. During the next few years, James would move up to higher positions in the industry. Towards the end of his career as an investment firm employee, James served as the chief investment officer. At this position, Dondero would oversee billions of dollars worth of assets for major corporations. This prompted him to start up his own firm by the year 1990.

After working in the finance industry as an employee, Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management. The firm he founded was originally a life insurance company. However, James decided to expand the firm’s services so that it would provide a number of ways to meet the needs of an ever growing client base. Throughout the 90’s, Dondero steadily built the firm into one of the top finance companies in the industry. James made the company offer a number of services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management. It would also offer a number of products such as equity securities and hedge funds as well.

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Marc Sparks Is Nurturing Future Leaders In Business

Not so many entrepreneurs can boast the strides that Marc Sparks has made in the business world. Marc is an entrepreneur of repute from Dallas, Texas. He is best known for his commitment to empowering budding entrepreneurs on their journey towards business discovery and success. Over the years, Marc has managed to create a space for himself in the world of entrepreneurship. His career is marked by several achievements in the enterprises that he has created and helped steer to greatness. Marc Sparks’ business strategies have become one of the biggest learning points for most business people who also want to succeed in the fields that Marc has recorded a lot of progress.


Marc Sparks’ expertise and experience cut across various sectors of the economy. He has a history in the auto insurance industry has run a company in that area. Marc has also taken part in creating successful restaurants and financial services companies. Many entrust Marc to deliver the best advice on how startups can overcome challenges and become economically viable enterprises. One of the key drivers of growth in a firm according to Marc is the motivation level of the employees, the ambiance of the workplace, and the determination of the entrepreneurs.


Apart from achieving a lot of success in business, Marc Sparks has also made significant steps in the sector of authoring books. His books provide an in-depth insight into his experiences and challenges encountered in the course of his work. According to Marc, business people should maintain excellent customer service and composure when dealing with their clients.


Marc Sparks is also committed to the well-being of marginalized individuals in the society. Through various charities, he has been able to touch the lives of many by providing them with the necessities they require to excel either in education or business. One of his creations called Marketing Sparks is helping companies to bridge the gap between clients and the business owners. Through the initiative, entrepreneurs can draw the relationship between customer feedback and innovation.


Through his vast business portfolio, Marc has acquired a lot of experience and expertise. These traits have enabled him to come up with business ideas that are revolutionary and futuristic. His financial services firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP has played an integral part in incubating various start-ups to create unique products in different markets.


Recently, Timber Creek Capital, LP moved into a new office space in Dallas, Texas. The new space offers a more conducive and tranquil environment for the employees of the firm to optimize their productivity. The room is big enough to accommodate up to three more startups for incubation. Mr. Sparks is keen on nurturing young business leaders who can take up the mantle after him in business. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1


Securus Technologies Plans for the Future

Securus Technologies is a company that is focused on communications technology. Over the years, the company has done a great job of developing products and services to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries.


Securus Technologies is now focused on providing better equipment for prisons across the country. Many people do not realize that this is a huge need in many cities and states today. Some prisons have equipment that has been around for decades. Securus Technologies will come in and upgrade all of the equipment quickly for prisons that need it.



Communications Technology


Securus Technologies started out as a small company with only a few employees. Over the years, the company was able to add a lot of value to companies with their products and services. This is the type of company that focuses heavily on customer service and support.


Prisons across the country are coming to Securus Technologies for help. Many prison systems have received budget cuts. In response, prisons need to find ways to run more efficiently. This is an area where Securus Technologies can add value.


In the years ahead, Securus Technologies wants to continue expanding to more states throughout the country. There are many people who believe that the company is going to grow rapidly in the future.


Eric Pulier Explains what it Takes to Succeed

Eric Pulier believes that if you are to succeed in life, you must embrace the art of creativity. He then mentions that you can only acquire creativity from non obvious places such as reading books. He also recommends that you should read books that are outside your key area. As for Eric Pulier, he loves books that touch on the human brain. This way, he gets to understand how people reason and why. At the moment, he can only recommend a book by Oliver Sacks called The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Like any other successful people, Eric Pulier also has his mentors. He has been mentored by Peter Diamandis. He wants to emulate him as an innovator, humanitarian and as a scientist. For starters, Peter Diamandis is the man behind XPRIZE. He is also the person behind successful ventures such as Planetary Resources and Singular University. Eric Pulier challenges people to read books called Bold and Abundance by his mentor.

Asked about the software he loves most, Eric Pulier said that he is in love with Google docs for its simplicity and collaboration. He suggests that upcoming entrepreneurs should establish dumpling chain that will be operating across the globe. The chain should be referred to as Yumplings. Eric Pulier openly admits that he has made mistakes in his life. He gives an example of how he was tricked to sell technology company that he had funded with his own money. He later realized that the people he sold the company to didn’t keep the promises they had agreed on.

Eric Pulier says that he sees failure as a way of regaining your focus. According to Eric Pulier, one strategy that can help you realize your goals is persistence. He advises people that things will never work out with the first trial. Instead, you have to keep trying. Eric Pulier says that successful people are the people who learned how to adjust and move on. Eric Pulier says that if you are to succeed in life, you must master the art of writing down every idea that comes to your mind. It might take a lifetime before that idea comes back.

About Eric Pulier: www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier

Staying Updated: What’s New With Lime Crime?

No beautician can truly ignore the revolutionary makeup products from Lime Crime. Doe Deere sure knew what she was doing when she started this brand tailored to creative and expressive individuals. Her customers, who she calls unicorns, order these unique and electric products religiously to represent a mystical and innovative persona.

You might be wondering what is new in the world of Lime Crime cosmetics. Well, you will be happy to know that there are five new stunning shades of diamond crushers lip toppers. If your goal is to look like a fairy on acid, then you will absolutely want to try out these new shades.

The first new diamond crusher lip topper is suitably named Unicorn. It is an iridescent lip topper in a lavender and rainbow shade. It’s a very feminine and soft look, but is still attention-grabbing. Next in line is Heirloom, which is a gorgeous ruby pink. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or a hot date. Gemini, the third new shade, is a maroon and blue duochrome shade and is perfect for a dramatic look. L.A. is a gorgeous sunset and orange hue that would work best for either the summer or fall. In fact, it almost looks like the lip color that David Bowie wears in his iconic Aladdin Sane persona. Last but not least is the color Summer, which is a shimmering sparkling peach that can be worn for a nice day out in the park or even at the club; in essence, it’s quite versatile that way.

Of course, along with these gorgeous diamond crushers, you are going to need new unicorn hair dye. Lime Crime released eight new eye-catching shades of their semi-permanent and cruelty free unicorn hair dye that every unicorn needs to get their hands on right away. It took three years, but now unforgettable shades such as Kawaii, Cloud, Valentine, Moonchild, Aesthetic, Bubblegum Pink, Mint Ice and Tweet are available for all loyal fans to flaunt.

With these incredible new cosmetics by this legendary brand, you will be sure to feel like a beautiful fairy princess riding on a unicorn in a sky of rainbows.

Trabuco The Traditional Weapon

Trabuco is well known by people who research about the economic activities during the middle ages. Its main purpose was in masonry to crush walls. Many people call it balancing Trabuco, mostly the name differentiates it from other weapons. In countries like Brazil, it usually refers to revolvers or rather the shotguns.

They are usually of a larger caliber and appeared in Muslim and Christian countries located around the Mediterranean sea. People could use Trabuco as a defensive weapon and could target an object that was around 800 meters away with projectiles of about 140 kilograms. Trabuco has invented in China around 400 BC and landed Europe at around 600 AD. People stopped using Trabuco when gunpowder was introduced according to sinonimos.com.br.

The first mention of the counterbalance originated from once a famous Muslim scholar. He thought that trabucos were machines invented by things he used to call unbelieving demons. It is, therefore, an indication that during the times of Saladin, the majority of Muslims knew what counterweight was but they did not invent it because they thought that it was demonic. Trabucos to be specific were used to throw destructive items popularly were known as balls. On tudo-sobre.estadao.com.br, the Trabuco was invented by a Chinese called Qiang Shen who worked as a commander of Jurchen Jin dynasty.

Read more on memoriasdaditadura.org.br.

The catapult landed the Middle East via the Byzantine Empire and also the Persians. It kept on penetrating into new continents and later spread in all the countries that had war. Other countries that learned about Trabuco are Scandinavia. The Vikings also saw about the counter balance catapult in the reports of the Paris attack. The blunderbuss landed in Italy in the late 12th century. It was also introduced in England in the year 1216. Many army groups mounted trabucos during attacks and therefore it is believed to be the best weapon by then. The majority of those who applied the blunderbuss did not lose in the battle and were believed to be the superpowers by then. Trabucos was rated amongst the best weapons to use during attacks. All countries that applied these weapons during attacks seemed not to retreat but indeed stood to the last minute.

Learn more about Trabuco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCS7mm_kj7I

Highland Capital Management Cares about the Community

The Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser that is SEC-registered. The firm together with its affiliates has 15. 4 worth of assets under its management. James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company back in 1993, and since that time the firm has grown immensely. The firm’s main specialization is credit strategies such as separate accounts, credit hedge funds, long only funds, and collateral loan obligations. Additionally, the firm offers alternative investments options such as long and short equities, emerging markets, as well as natural resources.
The company clients’ base includes corporations, governments, financial bodies, high-net-worth individuals, and public pension plans as well as foundations endowments. The company headquarters are situated in Dallas TX, and there are also offices in other places such as New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo, and Singapore.
Highland Capital Management cares about the community, and its management invests in the locations where the workers live. The firm makes a difference via volunteerism, financial donations to local community firms, and national NGOs. The company is also involved in advisory board affairs. Since 2005, the Highland Capital Management and its partners have given over 10 million dollars to different organizations around the world. Although the firm has a global business platform, James Dondero and the management team focus more of their giving to local affairs as they feel these are more urgent.
Mary Jalonick, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dallas Foundation, and her team of experts serves as the Highland Capital Management managers of the annual philanthropic funds. James Dondero said that the firm needed help and they landed on the best.

James Bopp Fights A Legal Battle For End Citizens United And Is Triumphant

James Bopp is an attorney from Indiana who went to court in 2008 to argue on behalf of his client End Citizen United. The organization had a film showing Hilary Clinton as a political schemer and believed they had the right to air the film. Their rights were first denied by the Federal Elections Commission because they claimed it was a campaign with no identification in relation to how it was financed. Although James Bopp cited the first amendment protections he was laughed out of court.

The laughter ended after two years when the ruling was reversed by the Supreme Court. The arguments of James Bopp changed 100 years worth of decisions in the laws pertinent to campaign financing. The decision in 1976 stated spending money on a campaign was a type of speech and under the First Amendments protection. Due to End Citizens United and James Bopp this decision was extended to cover corporations. Preventing corporations from spending money to defeat or support candidates of their choosing was deemed unconstitutional. James Bopp spent years on a case nobody believed he could win yet he did not stop there. He is currently trying to dismantle the regulations surrounding financing campaigns. Although these cases seem preposterous, so did the case he won in 2008. His litigation is aimed at federal and state campaigns.

End Citizens United has begun to raise a lot of money on their own. They have already raised $4 million of the expected total of $35 million for 2018. Thousands of people have already made contributions to their campaign to elect individuals interested in reforming campaign financing. The fury of the Democrats regarding President Trumps agenda and choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is fueling the fire. The potential contributors of End Citizens United have received a lot of encouragement to support the Democrat Jon Ossoff. Although the specifics of which races will be supported in 2018 by End Citizens United is currently unknown the belief is they will defend Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown in 2018.

End Citizens United derived their name from a 2010 ruling by the United States Supreme Court. The decision allowed corporations to make donations in the election of candidates. This fueled the launching of Super PAC’s since there were no longer any restrictions placed on their spending. End Citizens United falls into the category of a traditional PAC so the amount of their donations is limited. Despite these limits they reached the highest ranks among the groups in support of the Democrats in the last election. The aggressiveness of End Citizens United was mentioned by the Huffington Post and concerns regarding the way they collect their cash for politics was mentioned.

Honey Birdette: Australia’s top lingerie provider

Popular Australian lingerie company Honey Birdette is ramping up its sales by launching a US-based ecommerce website and is expanding it’s United Kingdom retail portfolio to 40 stores by the end of 2018. Australian entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan founded the company and later launched the American site after a massive 374% increase in American sales via the website over the last year. The new sales platform will enhance the consumer experience and offer faster delivery and free delivery for orders over $50 as well as making it easier to return something.

Eloise Monaghan and Honey Birdette are planning for retail openings in the United States and opening more in the United Kingdom. Eloise Monaghan opened the first retail store outside of Australia in London and then two more stores in Westfield White City and Victoria Gate. Eloise Monaghan and Honey Birdette have 10 openings lined up in the United Kingdom and they will be in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool. Eloise Maghan opened 55 stores in Australia and is now considering possible key locations in Europe. Private investment firm BBRC is backing the popular Australian brand.

Honey Birdette was launched in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and a friend of hers. They struggled to find provocative lingerie and bedroom accessories so they decided to start their own line to help those who were in the same boat living in Australia. Honey Birdette offers products from intimate lingerie to high-class toys for the bedroom. Honey Birdette offers its customers while they shop. Honey Birdette offers a wide range of massage candles, French perfumes. All the products are designed in house at the Honey Birdette Headquarters. In 2010, Honey Birdette opened a location in California. Australian model Tiah Delaney has been the amabassador for Honey Birdette since 2015. Honey Birdette continues to become popular across the world and Eloise Monaghan continues to provide top of the line products.

Choosing the Right Anesthesiologists

We all want to make sure that we choose the right anesthesiologists when we go for a procedure or surgery. One should consider the Capital Anesthesiology Association. This association is made of qualified workers and is known for being safe, clean, and accurate when giving anesthetics to their patients. Anesthetics are used as a means of eliminating pain and anxiety before, during and after a procedure. You want to make sure you have a team that is knowledgeable on anesthetics. There are three types of anesthesia used for procedures, known as general anesthetics, regional anesthetics and local or monitored anesthetics. This association specializes in having knowledge of the three types of anesthesia and knowing when to use which kind. They also specialize in a more broad variety of anesthetics such as pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and cardiovascular or thoracic anesthesia. Along with having knowledge on anesthetics, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association is involved with the community through supporting special philanthropic organizations. They donate their time and skills to groups who donate their time to different groups around the world that need medical care. All of these factors make the Capitol Anesthesiology Association qualified, caring and worthy of choice for choosing where to receive anesthetics.