White Shark Media Reshaping the Landscape of Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is one of the fastest expanding digital media agencies in the world. The company, which was founded in 2011, targets small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s rapid growth is the result of their dedication to top quality customer experience. The company also features affordable and customer-friendly search marketing campaigns, which make it highly attractive to clients throughout America and beyond. White Shark’s innovative approaches to online marketing assist entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The company provides a wide array of proprietary tools to give clients increased marketing options. The company follows the progress of its customers’ marketing activities to remain that it remains entirely accountable to each customer. It is such concern for the customers’ satisfaction and success that keeps the flow of solution-seeking clients constant in White Shark Media.

Customers at the company have access to such quality services as Google Analytics integration and proprietary reporting software. This allows for the tracking of their marketing efforts in fine detail. Founded by investors who have excellent skills and marketing experience, White Shark is conquering small and medium-sized business market in the US using the Big Hairy Audacious Goal. So far, the firm has a large presence in the Latin America Market. By sticking to the delivery of unparalleled customer service and products, the media agency has been moving from one level of success to the next. The firm’s highly talented and committed staff has been central to the success story. To further strengthen is the relationship with its client base, the company completely shares the vast information it has accumulated through research and experience with its customers. Therefore, customers can apply practical and foolproof approaches in their businesses rather than trying out previously untested concepts.

The company’s unique approach to marketing, customer service, and expansion strategy were recognized by Google just one year after the firm was founded. The company received an invitation to Google Headquarters in early 2012 as recognition for their rapid growth. Google assigned a team to the company to help them meet their customers’ needs better in the course of their accelerated expansion. In 2014, White Shark received the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership Award, becoming only one of 29 companies to do so. The firm has also been recognized by Microsoft and is part of the online giant’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

White Shark continues to provide innovative, affordable and top quality services to its clients. In a Digital Marketing environment that is highly competitive, the company has what it takes to thrive. With its policy of full transparency and easy-to-use services, the company is reshaping the digital marketing landscape.


What Other Women can Learn from Dr. Walden

For the people around the Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden is more than a doctor to them. She is a commentator, media personality and an academician whom many children want to emulate. Other than the medicine career, Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared on several TV programs to talk about plastic surgery. They include ABC News as well as Fox news. In writing, she has written a book called Aesthetic Surgery with another writer. She has also made countless publications in the journal of medicine and dentistry. When not practicing medicine, she works as an aesthetic company consultant. Some of the firms that use her expertise are Sciton Inc. as well as Venus Concept and ThermiAesthetics.


Recently, Dr. Walden explained that women too could make it in a male-dominated field. She, however, warned women pursuing medicine and business to toughen up as they require determination and confidence. Dr. Walden acknowledges that it is not easy to have a family particularly small children and pursue a demanding career. She advises women to be well thought and organized to succeed. She also tells women there will be a time that they will be made to make a difficult decision about their lives, especially ones that affect them forever.


Despite been successful in her career, she has prioritized her two children. She says that their happiness and health comes ahead of her. Dr. Walden says that she considers herself as achievement-oriented. She also terms herself as a woman who thrives on challenges. Dr. Walden spent much of her career in Manhattan, New York City before relocating to Austin, Texas. She made the decision to move after she delivered her two boys. She has received help from her mom and nannies to adapt in her hometown. She has opened a clinic called Westlake Medical Center, and she even does operations here. Despite been a mother of two kids, she says that she is amazed by how women with five kids survive terming it as hectic. Dr. Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas. She has always loved for artistry and creativity. For this reason, she chose plastic surgery. Her parents used to practice medicine.

Free Trip to Milan? : New Talk Fusion Incentive Trip

Talk Fusion announced a new incentive trip for Independent Associates. Talk Fusion will cover the airfare and a first-class hotel for associates and their spouses to the luxurious Milan, Italy. The trip, called “Destination: Milan”, will be set for December 2017 and will be available to qualified current and future Talk Fusion associates. What makes one qualified?

Associates must be participating in the company’s “World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan.” Basically, this is a way associates gain income: by sharing Talk Fusion’s “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution” with other businesses. Associates have until October 29, 2017 to reach the “Diamond” rank in order to go on the trip.

Now this is just one of many incentives Talk Fusion has to offer. From a rolex watch to a fully paid Mercedes-Benz C-Class! I don’t know about you, but that’s how I’d wish my job would reward me.

You can really tell how Talk Fusion views its associates from a quote by VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts. “People dream of being financially free, of spending more free time with their families, and of traveling to new destinations.” “Through hard work and determination, Talk Fusion is where those dreams become a reality for many. We’re on a mission to put more stamps in our associates’ passports so they can see the world and experience the lifestyle they deserve.”


About Talk Fusion:

Talk Fusion is a company that helps businesses improve. Through the “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution”, businesses will have a medium to engage more with their customers and see an increase in profits.

Best Day to Day Life Hacks by Wengie

We all know how life hacks can be a lifesaver or a nail saver. Sometimes we don’t want to toss out a favorite sweater because it becomes linty and dull. These life hacks can show you just how easy it is to make your every day life a lot easier.


We all have that one sweater or shirt we love but can’t seem to keep the lint off of it. And lets face it, not everyone has a lint shaver. Grab a razor and gently run the new blade right over the fabric. This will help get all those pesky lint pieces off in no time. The shirt or sweater will be looking almost as good as new.


At times, we have to either put a key on our keyring or take a key off. Lets face it, if we just had our nails done this could put a damper or a chip in the top coat of your nails. Get a staple remover, using the claw end, open the keyring up. Just by rotating the remover around, you can easily get that key off or back on again without ruining your beautiful nails.


According to Wengie, We all forget stuff from time to time. To make life easier for the day, just put all your items together before you leave out. If you put your keys on top of your phone, purse, planner, or etc. you will not forget anything on your way out.


Sometimes you just don’t want anyone to see what you have scribbled on paper. And most try to mark it out with a side to side motion of a pen. Next time try by writing words or numbers over the original scribble so that the content can’t be made out. Why stop there? Laundry can be a pain to keep up with and folded all the time. So to keep yourself on track, simply put your laundry on your bed. You have to fold it in order to lay down for the night.


Important papers can be bent in the bottom of our purses. But by putting a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag and putting your important documents inside, your important papers can be saved and looking crisp.


Life hacks ranging from the perfect shower temperature by using a dry eraser marker, lining the trash bag with a couple of newspapers to soak up any liquid, taking a pic of the inside of your fridge to do grocery shopping, placing hooks on your waste basket to keep the bag in place, or using a strainer to get the little crumbs sifted from your cereal, these 10 can make your day run a lot smoother.


Learn more about Wengie:



Wengie Shares Hair Hacks

The fact is that most girls are totally obsessed with their hair. Most spend hours on their hair, trying different styles or simply trying to keep it looking good. Hair is the first thing that most people notice, upon a first meeting. Consequently, it is important to your image. Wengie is one beauty advisor and hair expert that has a few ideas to share with her Youtube audience. In this video, Wengie shares her favorite hair hacks with her viewers. Check out the video for some great and inspiring information.


Wengie’s Best Hair Hacks

I really enjoyed watching this video. The video begins with two Wengie’s discussing the nutritional habits that lead to bad hair days. Wengie shares a secret that everyone should know. The secret to great hair begins with proper nutrition and eating foods that are packed with the proper vitamins for hair health. Wengie breaks it down for her viewers, sharing the best vitamins for the hair. The good news is that you are able to receive the proper amount of vitamins in supplemental form. Wengie also shares her favorite hairstyles and the way to achieve the looks, plus a lot more. Take the time to check out this very inspiring and creative video packed with fresh ideas.


About Wengie

Wengie is an Australian blogger of Chinese ancestry. Wengie is also one of the hottest YouTubers in Australia. She’s earned praise and acclaim across the world because of her well produced videos on YouTube. In fact, she has more than a million followers on the site. Wengie shared in an interview that she is totally shocked at the number of subscribers on her channel. She also shares that she really does love her fans and will keep producing high quality videos that they can enjoy. Her favorite topics include makeup tutorials, hair hacks, skincare tutorials, and just about anything that has to do with beauty and cosmetics. Wengie considers her follower’s part of one big family. Wengie invites everyone interested in hair, fashion, makeup, beauty, to subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can also connect with Wengie on other social media sites too.

All in One with Magnises

Billy McFarland is the CEO of Spling and the Founder and CEO of Magnises as well as a technology entrepreneur, He was born in New York City and attended Bucknell University which is situated in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he pursued computer engineering. He later dropped out to follow his technology business expertise. He started his first company at the age of 13 as a teenager.

In August 2013 he founded Magnises, hence formally launching the card on March 1, 2014 targeting to generate a special black card that is technology established, subscription perks and community-oriented that can increase daily in life, its associates and petition to the millennial generation.

A Crunchbase article said that Billy McFarland wants to assist and form a perfect network. By using Magnises card one can get discounts at bars, clubs or restaurants and luxurious gateways and private concert which are reserved. Magnises emerged with various business partners in New York City some are Restaurants La Esquina and Catch, spin studio Cyc and Goldbar.

Members who travel to the Hamptons with Blade on a helicopter can get discounts. More than 6,000 members pay $250 yearly to have the black card, Magnises have a mobile app that assists members to choose an activity and immediately access to the arrangements.

Employed professionals who are aged between 21 years old and 35 years old, mostly working in companies like technology, fashion and finance are the Potential members and they must fill an online application to be accepted by the Magnises group before they can formally join.

McFarland unites business into the Magnises familiarity, therefore they search for members who can give back.

Magnises Hotel host many of their occasions on Rivington on the Lower East Side for instance members can use the buildings to have meetings in daylight if they want or work. In 2015, it had more than10, 000 members and its capital raised to $3million.

Potential Risk Protection for Sports Betting in Football

Sports betting in football is a professional gambling business where the player puts bets on football matches. The player predicts NFL Football games and positions wager on the game results. Football Sports Betting has become too familiar that many people are racking up large sums of money from their successful games. The majority of NFL betting sites take ‘up-front’ bets. This means that a gambler pays first before placing the match Football bets.

Players must initially determine the correct betting site or company to bet with before jumping into professional NFL Football betting. They should also have a precise understanding on how to place winning bets. Covers.com helps NFL betting players with finer details and insights on how to set successful Football game odds. People can benefit from many things on the website. The site helps bettors to discover the sharpest available market sports bettor. The site gives positive judgments of what comprises the winning and losing bets. The website equally engages the NFL bettor in understanding the methods to minimize disappointing odds.

Covers.com identifies betting on the first Football bet orders as the biggest mistake that most NFL bettors make in the industry. The website gives advice to players to first shop through the available bookies and create Football bet sequence alteration alerts. Covers.com afford free sports betting tools that players can utilize to customize their betting landscape across the different Football bookies and leagues. Covers.com has the primary objective of making sure that Football bettors achieve greatest potential profits for their investments.

Covers.com equally makes sure that Football bettors make informed choices. The site helps football bettors to become professionals who make rational considerations and have familiarity with where they are investing their money. Accurate betting is achieved through critical scrutiny. Each person that bets is advised to prepare and place bets using their heads and not hearts. Cover.com insists that there are no feelings to betting. The whole purpose of betting is to spend money wisely. Covers.com emphasizes on the variety of techniques that Football bettors can employ to decrease their risks of losing. It highlights bettors to take advantage of the under/over betting odds to lower risk chances and increase returns considerably. Smart Football betting never follows precise odds. Successful betting is rather studied and mastered. Cover.com gives you an opportunity to discover great NFL Football betting returns.

The Top Vintners Of Britain

Robertson wine started out as a small wine shop at Kensington High Street in London in 1991. The Founder and CEO is wine enthusiast Cliff Roberson. Their selection consists of very rare bottles to common budget wines. They currently offer free shipping for UK vintners online orders over £100.

Highbury Vintners is on of the most recognized of UK Vintners. Specialize in high quality wines from around the world. You can see wines from Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Spain and Portugal in their online shop. They have won many awards like the Timeout Love London Award, Decanter Wine Retailer Specialist for Spain & Portugal 2014, and Wines of Argentina Independent Retailer of the year 2010. They also have a selection of beers and spirits.

Cambridge Wine Merchants is one of the finest of UK Vintners. They have won awards as Wine Merchant of the Year 2012, Large Independent Merchant of the year UK, East of England Merchant of the year and Fortified Specialist Merchants of the Year UK. They have wines from multiple continents that are sold in their online shop. They also offer classes through the The Cambridge Wine Academy to tutor students interested in the wine and spirit trade.

Berry Bros. & Rudd is one of the oldest of UK Vintners, having started trading in 1698. Not only is the company in Britain, but also Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. They hold Royal Warrants from The Queen and The Prince of Wales. They currently have shops at 3 St James’s Street in London and Basingstoke in Hampshire. They offer membership to their exclusive Wine Club from £60 to £150 a month. Members of their club are allowed to their tasting events and they receive 12 bottles of wine every other month.

A&B Vintners (http://www.abvintners.co.uk/) is a well recognized brand in Britain’s wine trading market. They focus on importing wines from Burgundy, Rhône, Southern France, Oregon and Piedmont. Their approach is to work hands-on with their wine manufacturers to select the best products for their catalog.

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